Travis County restaurant owner arrested for aggravated assault

TRAVIS COUNTY, Texas (KXAN) – In a sworn statement filed Thursday in Travis County, Jonestown police said a local restaurant owner was arrested Dec. 31 after he assaulted a woman and hit her car.

The JPD arrested 51-year-old Adam Benjamin Garber, owner of Rounder’s Pizza, for aggravated assault with a lethal weapon charge related to the incident.

According to court records, the victim told police that she was throwing trash in the trash can of Rounder’s Pizza when Garber approached her. She said he was upset that she was using the trash can he paid for, and when she offered to pay him for her trash, he got angry.

Reports state that the victim began putting trash back into her car when Garber started trying to put extra bags of trash in her car that didn’t belong to her.

“[The victim] described that Garber then physically attacked her and violently hit her head and hands on the jamb of the driver’s door of her car,” the affidavit says.

The JPD statement said the victim had a laceration above his eye, as well as abrasions, bruising and swelling on his face and arm.

Records state that when a police officer arrived the following day, the swelling and bruising on the victim’s face was so severe that her eye was almost completely swollen.

“[The victim’s] The vehicle was used as a lethal weapon during this attack…” the sworn letter reads.

Reports said that when the JPD interviewed Garber, he admitted to the confrontation but denied hitting the victim.

“Garber mentioned [the victim] as “something is already wrong with her … and something is wrong with her,” the sworn letter says.

The judge set Garber’s bail at $40,000 Thursday, according to Travis County court records. As of Friday, records showed that Garber’s bail had been posted and he was not listed in the county jail.

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