Truck crashes into church wall in north Houston just after service ends

Pastor Mark Cox said no congregation was hurt, but the building suffered significant damage.

HOUSTON. At least one person was injured when a truck crashed into a church on Sunday in north Houston, police said.

It happened on Tidwell Road near Irvington Boulevard around 7:45 pm.

According to police, a truck and another car collided, but the driver of the other car did not stay at the scene.

Calvary Pentecostal Church of God pastor Mark Cox said they had just finished the service when a truck crashed into the church’s east wall. He said he was within walking distance of hitting children, including his 7-year-old daughter. One of the children was hit by a falling brick but is fine, Cox said.

According to Cox, between 15 and 20 people were inside at the time.

“It looked like an explosion, and there was also a gas leak. Luckily, nothing happened,” Cox said. “God protected all of our children… my wife… I have a 7 year old daughter. Everyone was fine, some kids were standing outside when it happened and no one was hurt.”

The church said no church members were hurt, but police said someone from the truck was taken to a district hospital in an unknown condition.

Cox said there is a small congregation in the church that is shaken and shaken. He asks for help from the community to cover the cost of repairs. The men’s toilet in the church was completely destroyed, as was the aforementioned gas pipeline break and damage to the facade of the building.

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