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TSA finds 84mm anti-tank weapon in luggage at San Antonio airport

The TSA found this massive 84mm weapon in luggage at San Antonio International Airport on Monday.

Sincerely, Transportation Security Administration

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents at San Antonio International Airport sent to Twitter on Monday afternoon, January 16, about a giant anti-tank gun found in luggage, but the problem was not that the anti-tank gun was found at the airport. Instead, the TSA said in a tweet that the 84mm weapon found in checked baggage was not declared.

The 84mm gun appears to be the Carl-Gustaf M4 recoilless rifle used by the military on his website. The weapons are used for combat purposes and to “neutralize armored tanks,” the website says.

A spokesman for TSA Southwest said they had no information about the passenger or their destination. Instead, the TSA used the tweet to remind people that the next time they need to travel with their anti-tank weapon, they should declare that firearm. The TSA requires passengers to declare every firearm in their checked baggage.

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