U.S. Representative from Texas introduces anti-white supremacist bill to Congress

A Democratic lawmaker from Texas introduced a bill in Congress in January to address white supremacist hate crimes.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, who represents the predominantly black and minority county that makes up TX-18 in Houston, filed the Anti-White Supremacy Leadership Act, which is designed to “prevent and prosecute hate crime and white supremacy conspiracy, caused by white supremacy. inspired hate crime.”

According to herExamples of white supremacist hate crimes include recent fatal attacks in Charlottesville and Buffalo.

The bill also states that “a conspiracy to engage in a white supremacist hate crime shall be determined to exist” if at least one person is involved in planning or committing a white supremacist hate crime. and another person is spreading the message of white supremacy. This means that people who post white supremacist conspiracy theories online could potentially face prosecution under the bill.

Overall, the bill wants to expand the federal coverage of hate crimes to include actions inspired by white supremacy.

Jackson Lee’s bill has already been criticized. Several conservatives have said the bill is a violation of free speech and could punish anyone who posts material that denigrates people who are not white.

However, the congresswoman is determined to fight for the bill even in the Republican-led House of Representatives.

“HR 61 just deals with adding white supremacy to the list of reasons to be convicted of a hate crime,” she said on Twitter. “Why? Because it is a serious domestic terrorist threat.”

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