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United Airlines Showcases Newly Expanded Flight Training Center in Houston

From in-flight decompression to crash landings, United Airlines’ newly expanded flight training center teaches it all.

HOUSTON, Texas — United Airlines has opened a new training center right here in Houston.

On Tuesday, the airline showed off its newly expanded in-flight training facility, which features several hands-on training areas that will hopefully prepare flight attendants for any situation that may arise during a flight.

From in-flight decompression to emergency landing, United Airlines’ new training center teaches it all. It even has a 125,000-gallon pool and a simulated fuselage area where flight attendants can practice safely evacuating the plane into the water.

This is hands-on learning that cannot be learned from a textbook.

“Just the opportunity to bring it to life. To be able to jump in the water, get on the raft, get a feel for what it’s like to get on the raft, actually put up a canopy,” said Jennifer Shauman, curriculum development specialist at United Airlines.

“For us, this facility truly brings to life what’s on paper when it comes to training,” said Mo Quinn Mariano, director of employee training for United Airlines Inflight Service.

The airline held a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Tuesday, officially opening its expanded facility in Houston. Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner and Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee were in attendance.

“Things continue to happen at the intercontinental airport,” Mayor Turner said.

“I am very grateful that United took this seriously,” Congresswoman Jackson Lee said.

In addition to safety, the facility also has a cockpit simulator for flight attendants to practice customer service.

“We are handling customer boarding, de-escalation methods, and a lot more with service,” said Norma Jean Rodriguez, United Airlines Instructor Evaluator.

United says it will be able to train more than 600 flight attendants a month at its new facility as part of a six-and-a-half-week training course.

To apply for a United flight attendant position, click here.

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