University of Texas at Austin students split over campus Wi-Fi ban TikTok

When Gov. Greg Abbott banned TikTok from the devices of state government employees in December 2022, Texas public universities braced for the inevitable restrictions that will come for everyone else on campuses where the app is hugely popular.

On Tuesday, January 17th, students at the University of Texas at Austin received an email that their favorite, hated, time-consuming, and fulfilling—depending on who you ask—app was blocked from campus Wi-Fi. In part, the above reasoning echoes earlier statements by Abbott.

“As outlined in the Governor’s directive, TikTok collects massive amounts of data from its users’ devices, including when, where and how they engage in online activity, and offers this trove of potentially sensitive information to the Chinese government,” UT’s technology adviser wrote. Jeff Neiland.

The reaction on the dedicated UT Austin Reddit page was particularly unanimous: either students who hated the app and were glad it was gone, alumni who were glad it was gone, or secretive trolls who were glad it was gone.

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