Update: Judge Denies Motion to Drop Two Indictments of Former Police Officer Gerald Goines

Goines, who faces murder and a host of other local and federal charges, made his first public comment last week since the deadly 2019 Harding Street raid.

HOUSTON. A Harris County Judge has denied the lawyers’ motions for former Houston cop Gerald Goines to have two of his indictments overturned.

Defense lawyers said they were “defective” because they did not clearly explain why Goines was charged.

Judge Frank Aguilar heard arguments on two other motions but did not rule on them.

Goines faces murder charges along with a number of other local and federal charges in connection with a scheme to steal overtime from HPD employees.

This came to light after the 2019 Harding Street raid that killed Dennis Tuttle and Rogena Nicholas. They were shot during a failed raid on trumped-up charges. Goines and four other officers were also shot but survived.

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A massive investigation revealed that dozens of defendants were sent to jail on drug charges based on what prosecutors called “lies” by the “dirty cops.”

Goines and five other officers were charged with 15 felonies. He also faces federal organized crime charges.

Lawyers for Goines are also trying to move his trial out of Harris County.

Jed Silverman, head of the Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association, said all the publicity about the case could make it difficult to get a fair trial.

But prosecutor Tanisha Manning argued that the sheer size of Harris County would make it easier to find a fair and impartial jury.

Lawyers for Goines also alleged misconduct by the prosecutor. They accused District Attorney Kim Ogg of spreading the Goines case to the media to help her 2020 re-election campaign.

Former DA’s office communications director Dane Schiller denied this during his virtual testimony in London today.

He also challenged the defense’s view that the comments he wrote under the username “Dude Goggles” in the Houston Chronicle’s web articles about Goines were misleading or opinionated.

“Two innocent people are killed in their own home by corrupt police officers who illegally kicked the door and opened fire. This is an execution, ”says one of the comments.

“There was no complete certainty … that there was a murder in this case.” Defense attorney Mac Secrest told Schiller.

“They definitely didn’t commit suicide,” Schiller replied. “I support every word written with Dude Goggles.”

Aftermath on Harding Street

The district attorney’s office had to reopen hundreds of cases involving Goines, and many charges were dropped.

The most recent case involved Frederick Jeffery, who was sentenced to 25 years after being convicted in 2018 on drug charges. Jeffrey was released on bail last July.

“It’s nice because I knew from the very beginning that I was innocent,” Jeffrey said seconds after he got out of jail. “I just had to prove it. God has done everything for me. I did nothing but stay downstairs. ready.

District Attorney Harris Kim Ogg said at the time that Jeffrey’s conviction should be overturned “due to perjury and false evidence” presented by Goines.

Last November, a judge declared him “virtually innocent” and apologized for Jeffrey’s five-plus years behind bars.

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