UTSA’s new high-tech facility in downtown San Pedro I officially opens.

SAN ANTONIO “Monday was the day local leaders, students and community members have been waiting for—the official opening of UTSA’s new high-tech downtown facility, San Pedro-1.

“It’s amazing, I love it, honestly, it’s going to be a lot of fun,” said UTSA student Zach Beasley.

Zach Beasley is a UTSA student specializing in cybersecurity with a focus on artificial intelligence, and is one of many students and local leaders enthusiastic about San Pedro I.

“This is a historic day for UTSA, and preparing the future workforce for our community to generate new knowledge through this confluence of data science and cybersecurity is a strength for us as an institution and for the San Antonio economy,” UTSA President Dr. Taylor Aimee. said.

This facility has been built over the years and brings with it new technologies, new programs, and a new era for the San Antonio Technology Corridor.

“We are deliberately camping out in space, promoting and supporting this data, science, and national security knowledge,” Aimee said.

The $91.8 million facility will house the University’s Homeland Security Collaboration Center and the new School of Data Science to drive economic development in our downtown area—and this is just the beginning.

In November we announced San Pedro II which will sit right on top of the property in the neighborhood that was acquired by the county, and it will put in a whole new effort instead of reinforcing what we do in this building,” Aimee said.

This means that there is constant inspiration, collaboration and economic generation going on in downtown San Antonio.

“It’s here for all future generations to protect it from cyberattacks. Everything in this spirit is being built here, right here, and UTSA and the new campus,” Beasley said.

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