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Residents of the Valley City will see an increase in the cost of garbage disposal this spring

THE VALLEY – Residents of the Valley will no longer have to deal with AmWaste. The city has a new solid waste supplier and residents will receive a discount on their garbage collection bills. However, in the spring they will pay a little more on their monthly bills.

It became a central topic of discussion at the City Council meeting on Monday. Mayor Leonard Riley said he was happy to part ways with AmWaste, but higher bills are due in May.

To meet the current contract with C&C Sanitation, monthly bills would have to increase by a few dollars if the city is going to break even for the garbage collection service.

Currently, most people are charged $20 per month, seniors are charged $16.50 per month, and a little over 100 city residents receive their services for free due to being unable to pay.

“Our goal is not to make money taking out the trash,” Riley said. “We just want to break even.”

To do this, Riley said, bills would have to be raised to $26 a month for most residents, with seniors being charged $20 a month.

This will not be decided until the board meeting on February 13th. The council has appointed a five-member committee to review the city’s current solid waste ordinance and to make recommendations for possible changes to the full council at the next regular meeting.

The committee includes Board Members Jim Jones, Marquette Madden and Kendall Andrews, Code Enforcement Officer Reid Riley, and Solid Waste Control Officer M.J. Jones.

Riley estimates that by maintaining current monthly rates through April, the city will lose about $105,000 until the new rates go into effect.

“It will be like we are giving them a month of free maintenance,” he said. “They deserve at least what many of them had to deal with last year with AmWaste.”

In 2022, many residents of the Valley complained to their council representative about poor garbage collection. Some people haven’t cleaned their trash for weeks. You could often see filled bins by the side of the road, and even more bags of household waste were stacked next to them.

The mayor and council members expressed satisfaction with the work done so far by the C&C. AmWaste still has a few roll-out carts available to pick up from the people of the valley. Citizens are asked to make sure they leave their trash in the C&C cart.

In other cases, on Monday, the board approved a one-year contract extension for Data Works Plus LLC of Greenville, South Carolina. It costs $2,100 and provides standard software and hardware support for the Valley Police Department. Chief Mike Reynolds was authorized to make the agreement.

Reynolds honored two of his officers for exemplary service. Sergeant Lorenzo Harris is the VPD quarterly officer (October to December 2022) and Officer Zach Peacock received a commendation for the good work that many locals have seen on Facebook. A video clip he didn’t know was recorded showed him doing his best to help someone in need.

Chief Reynolds noted that all police officers feel good when social media videos show them doing good things.

Some surveying equipment in the city’s planning and zoning department was declared redundant. The board agreed to sell it to former planning and development director Travis Carter for $2,500.

“Since we don’t have anyone who knows how to use it, it will just sit there and gather dust if we keep it,” the mayor said.

Valley Parks & Recreation director Laurie Blount told the council that winter sports would soon be ending and registration for spring sports would begin on February 1. Spring sports will include youth baseball, softball, coaching field, tee-ball, soccer and running.

When the meeting concluded, the members of the Solid Waste Ordinance Committee gathered in the conference room to discuss how they would review the current solid waste ordinance.

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