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Video shows fierce fight as Monterey Park shooter was disarmed

MONTEREY PARK, Calif. (KTLA) — New CCTV footage shows a fierce fight between the suspected Monterey Park shooter and the 26-year-old man who disarmed him in the Lai Lai ballroom late Saturday night.

20 to 30 minutes after the Monterey Park shooting that killed 11 people, authorities say Huu Kang Tran, 72, entered the Lai Lai Ballroom in the nearby Alhambra armed with what officials have described as a semi-automatic pistol with a magazine food. an extended high-capacity magazine is attached to it.

It was here that Brandon Tsey, the family’s third-generation dance hall operator, snatched the gun from the suspect.

Surveillance video shows horrific moments as the suspect and Tsai fight over weapons. When Tsai manages to snatch the gun from Tran’s hands, Tran is seen punching Tsai while rushing for the weapon.

Tran continues to attack Tsai before finally giving up. Tsai appears to be yelling at the suspect, ordering him to leave the building.

With Tsai still holding the weapon, he immediately calls the police for help.

Gov. Gavin Newsom visited Tsai’s home on Monday to speak with the man hailed as a hero.

“This remarkable young man, without any hesitation, albeit with moments of fear, took it upon himself to save countless lives,” Newsom said. “Who knows how many lives he saved.”

Tsai told The New York Times that he was in the office when he heard the front doors swing open and what appeared to be metal objects hitting each other.

When he turned around, he said he immediately noticed “menacing eyes” and a semi-automatic pistol pointed at him.

Unaware of the earlier Monterey Park massacre, Tsai rushed into action, fought the gunman and disarmed him before ordering him to leave or be killed with his own firearm.

“Judging by his body language, facial expression, eyes, he was looking for people,” Tsai said.

Although the 26-year-old says he is fine now, he acknowledged some difficulties.

“I have trouble sleeping. I recalled the events and what happened as I reflected on the incident. I would say that my mental health is recovering,” he said. “I just hope that those people who were most affected by this incident can also recover safely.”

His father, Tom Tsey, said he was very, very proud of his son.

“I always told him that if there are people who rob this place, just give them money. Life is against money… money is nothing, but I think it’s a different situation. I never prepared him for this,” he told KTLA.

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