Who paid to put the tarker in the mayor’s car? We can find out.


RENO, Nevada (KOLO) — Ever since Reno Mayor Hillary Shiv revealed that someone was monitoring her every move ahead of the November election, the question has been: Who ordered and paid for the surveillance?

Perhaps we’ll find out soon.

It was a macabre epilogue to the recent election season and an indication of how far our politics have strayed from the old norm. The mayor reveals that someone was following her every move with an electronic tracking device accidentally discovered while she was taking her car to the mechanic for an oil leak.

The device was traced by local private detective David McNeely, and last month the mayor sued McNeely and his business, 5 Alpha Industries, but she didn’t know who was behind it.

“This is absolutely unacceptable,” she told us at the time. Does this person have, does he or she have a family? Mother? Daughter? Sister? Doesn’t this resonate with you? How disturbing and terrifying would it be if someone did this to you?”

She might get a chance to ask them.

The mayor requested a writ and Judge David Hardy agreed, issuing a subpoena to force McNeely to provide his client’s identity papers.

There is no answer yet. McNeely’s website has been closed. Phone calls to his business, originating from his Hidden Valley home, go unanswered and unanswered. It is unknown if he hired a lawyer.

When she filed the lawsuit, the mayor indicated that there was evidence that other prominent members of the community had also been harassed, but declined to report it out of fear.

“I don’t want to be afraid,” she said.

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