Will Austin Madonna Tickets Reflect Taylor Swift’s Ticketmaster Breakdown?

AUSTIN (KXAN): “I love music and I love live music even more. I live in the best city for this,” said Amy Becker.

The Austin native grew up in the live music capital of the world, and it shows – she has ticket stubs dating back to the 1990s.

“I have a long rule – and my friends know it – I never miss an opportunity to see a legend,” she said.

Madonna fits into this category.

“She’s the soundtrack of my generation,” Becker said. “She’s an icon.”

Xiang Gomez has been a fan since childhood.

“In elementary school, I went to Las Vegas with my mom. So I found this lunchbox,” KXAN’s Gomez Tahere Rahman showed along with posters, books and other memorabilia.

Her prayer is along with Becker’s: to get tickets to the Material Girl’s Celebration Tour stop in Austin.

“Oh my God! Like, I have to make it work. I have to try to get a ticket or two,” Gomez said.

Madonna is the next in a long line of big names to come to the Moody Center since it opened last year.

“Honestly, it’s kind of a situation where Austin is almost always mentioned during these big tours,” said Michael Owens, Moody Center vice president of programming.

Owens said they had been working on invading the industry for two years before the place opened.

“Telling a story about Austin and the live music capital of the world,” he said.

But with big names comes big demand, and Becker fears getting into the rhythm could be difficult due to Ticketmaster’s recent track record.

“At first, I had some disgust when I immediately put two and two together about the surly center and Ticketmaster,” Becker said.

Becker was selected to pre-sale tickets for the Swift Eras tour, but after waiting in line for several hours, she was told that her Ticketmaster code was invalid.

“Our last hope, which was a general sale, was then completely canceled because they were oversold at the presale,” she recalls.

Several pre-sales events are planned ahead of Madonna’s holiday tour before the public sale begins, which Becker considers a bad sign.

“We have already seen that Ticketmaster cannot arrange a pre-sale,” she said.

Zack Anderson, president of Austin-based ticketing platform TicketCity, says Madonna fans need not worry.

“I don’t think we’re going to see demand that exceeds capacity to the extent that we saw Taylor Swift,” he said.

He said traffic to the Madonna portion of his website has already grown by more than 7,000% since the tour was announced.

“But this is not even a small part of what we see in terms of demand for Morgan Wallen or Taylor Swift,” he said.

He said their Morgan Wallen ticket prices are the highest they’ve ever seen at any show at the Moody Center.

“Demand for these shows just skyrocketed,” he said.

Anderson said he expects Madonna’s ticket demand and prices to be more similar to other Moody stars of late, such as Lizzo or Justin Bieber.

“I understand that some people had Taylor Swift scars at the sale. But I think the reality is that most sales go pretty smoothly,” he said.

Owens said they had concert tickets during the pre-sale, but he said it was down to demand, not Ticketmaster.

He said they have no plans to change their official ticketing partner.

“So far, every show we’ve put up for sale at the Moody Center has gone off without a hitch,” he said. “We expect this trend to continue.”

Becker said Ticketmaster’s monopoly on Moody Tickets – and the biggest musicians coming to Austin – now bugs her constantly when she checks her list of legends in Austin.

“It’s very frustrating for a musician,” she said.

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