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Women in the Car: Melissa Jimenez

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Melissa Jimenez has been in the automotive business since April 1999 and has truly gone from her initial job at an automotive call center to being executive assistant to the CEO of McCombs Ford West.

She is also the acting personnel manager for the dealership.

After nearly 24 years in the business, Jimenez says he is nearing retirement. But looking back, she said she has no regrets about her career choice and she has a lot of good things to remember.

“I’m less than 30 days away from retirement and while I’m very happy to be at home for my family all the time, I’m sad,” she said in mid-December. “It will be difficult not to be part of this industry anymore, especially not to see the people I work with every day.

“I just hope we continue to hire and promote more women,” Jimenez said. “And whoever takes my place, I wish them all the best.”

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