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‘World’s best dog’ dies saving girl from fire, Corpus Christi family says

A pit bull named Ollie is remembered as “the best dog in the world” after he died saving a 15-year-old girl from a Corpus Christi house fire.

The family told CHRIS that their house caught fire on New Year’s Eve when people set off fireworks.

Around 11:30 p.m., Jennifer Olenichak said that was when they heard a loud knock on the doors and walls.

“So I shook him (my husband) and woke him up. He inserted earplugs for fireworks. So he didn’t even hear the door open and said, “What?” Olenichak said.

Their neighbors alerted them to the fire, but by then the deck and stairs were completely engulfed in flames.

Olenichak said that when their family evacuated, she grabbed her Shih Tzu and six puppies.

“I ran with them outside, but I stumbled and broke the fall. And so I started throwing the puppies on the patio, and my husband was already on the terrace, so he was already grabbing the puppies and dumping them,” Olenichak said.

She added that she saw the last two puppies catch fire as the flames flared up.

“… I yelled at my husband. I just screamed, “God save me.” And suddenly the fire just fell, and I jumped, ”said Olenichak.

When the family was outside, they started to panic looking for Ollie.

Olenichak’s 15-year-old daughter Jaylie said Ollie went to her bedroom and woke her up during the commotion.

The next day, they searched for Ollie around the house, on social media, and in shelters. On Monday, Olenichak’s husband returned home to find Ollie inside.

“And my husband came in and found him right by my daughter’s bed. At the foot of her bed, he seemed to collapse from the smoke. And I just want to give him a big hug because if he didn’t go there, Jaley would die,” Olenichak said.

“He was my hero, he saved my daughter’s life. He was the best dog in the world.”

In total, the family lost seven dogs. Four of their dogs survived.

The fire is still under investigation, according to KRIS.

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