Wylie, 9, reads over three million words in half of the school year and wants to read five million words by the end of the school year.

ABILINE, TX (KTAB/KRBC) – 9-year-old elementary school student Wylie East read over three million words in just half a school year, which her third-grade reading teacher says she’s never seen a student of this age do before.

When you go to the school library, you will see many different children’s books, but most likely you will also see 9-year-old Graham McLean, who has read almost all of them.

This helped Graham a lot in his third grade reading class, where they kept track of how much each student had read. His teacher, Stephanie Roberts, encourages students to reach a million words by the end of the school year.

“At the end of the year, we admit we have a million-word readers, which is a lofty goal for third graders, but Graham already has three million words,” Roberts said. “When they read, they can understand the world around them. The world around them is very confusing if they don’t understand the words.”

Sarah McLean, Graham’s mom, shared that he usually stays up late to squeeze in a few more words.

“He goes to bed later than me,” McLean explained.

His family noted that he reached two million words by throwing a party, but they did not know how quickly another million would appear.

“I can read 100 pages in an hour,” Graham explained.

He enjoys spending his free time in the library when he is at school, where he befriends the librarian Shirl Martinez.

“He comes every morning and says: “I’m done. I need a new book,” Martinez said.

Graham quickly corrected her and said, “It’s not every morning. It’s every three in the morning.

The 9-year-old boy has learned a lot about the library since spending so much time there and even helps Martinez manage the cash register on occasion. He arranges all the returned books, knowing exactly where they belong.

Graham will probably stay in this library for a while because his goal is to read five million words at the end of the school year.

“If I can find more books to read,” Graham said.

He said he would write a book someday, but this 9-year-old boy dreams of becoming an aerospace engineer when he grows up.

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