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10 Reasons Why the Reverse Slice Technique Really Works

The Reverse Slice Technique is a very simple yet highly effective technique in golf. The technique is based on hitting fifteen shots. The first ten shots will be drawn. If your eighth shot is a slice, you start again until you complete ten shots with a draw. You then hit five shots to straighten the draw. This strategy is not just on Performance Golf but also on Better Golf Practice.

1. Improves Focus

The Reverse Slice Technique focuses on the Stance and Ball Position. It creates an Observation Mind Set that has you present in your execution with a singular focus. If you want to improve, what is most important is being present with the desired outcome. This method helps give you structure and focus on hitting perfect shots.

2. Improves Your Angle Of Attack On The Ball

When we start hitting draws one after another, our natural angle of attack changes. We become more closed off at set up, and our feet, hips, and shoulders become more square to the ball flight path moving forward in our swing path. The reverse slice technique helps you maintain the same setup angle and keep your feet, hips, and shoulders open. 

3. Improves Your Balance Point

By positioning yourself in a slightly closed stance and moving the ball back in your stance, you have created a Stable Base Point with a balanced weight distribution between the inside and outside of each foot. It allows you to move freely from shot to shot with good balance while in a slightly closed stance.

4. Corrects Your Hitting Tendency

The Reverse Slice Technique eliminates the backswing and erases the loss of angle caused by the release of your driver during your backswing. As a result, you will become a more consistent ball striker throughout your swing cycle.

5. Builds Consistency

Once you remove the loss of angle and the backswing, you will have a much more consistent ball striking. Your swings will be shorter and more accurate.

6. Builds Speed And Power Within Your Swing

You will learn to create power during your backswing, through the release of your driver, and at the end of your swing cycle. This will improve your distance off the tee and help you generate power when you decide to swing for distance.

7. Improves Your Confidence

Hitting fifteen shots with perfect draws one after another will improve your confidence and the results on the course. You can do what other golfers find difficult by building your confidence and self-esteem simultaneously. 

8. It will Help You Relax

When you take away the backswing and the loss of angle from your driver, you will feel your body move into a much more natural and relaxed position at the address. When this happens, and you look down at your feet, hips, and shoulders, you will find that they are not in an awkward position but rather in a more balanced alignment. 

Your arms will feel more relaxed because there is no delay cooker action because of a delayed ‘free release’ and no tension in your arms during your swing.

9. Increases Your Flexibility

When your take away the backswing and let go of the driver at impact, you will feel a much more relaxed posture. This is because you have released the tension in your arms and body. As a result, you will no longer feel stiff during or after your swing, allowing you to hit better shots from every lie on the golf course.

10. Reduces Your Practice Time

There is little to practice if you use this method. Once you obtain your setup, move the ball in your stance, reduce your backswing, and release at impact, very few moves are needed to execute a proper shot.


You will find that you pull the trigger at the target much more quickly, your breathing will become more smooth and relaxed, your swing path is more open, you will hit harder shots, and you will have more control over your shots with a great balance of weight distribution across both feet. In sum, very few things are associated with success in golf. Unfortunately, the Reverse Slice Technique is one of them.

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