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$25 million in Kansas sports bets made in Chiefs Super Bowl win

TOPEKA (KSNT) — According to the lottery, Kansas players won big bets on the NFL Championship Game, placing nearly $25 million in bets that paid or paid on Feb. 12.

“Those same players won $39 million, meaning the player’s net winnings for settled betting on Sunday were approximately $14 million!” Kansas Lottery spokesman Cory Throne said.

The Kansas Capitol Bureau received lottery revenue numbers on Thursday.

For revenue:

  • Total Bets Placed at Established Casino Facilities February 12: $2,425,205.74
  • Total bets made via online platforms established on February 12: $22,318,611.11
  • Total bets placed retail and online that settled on February 12: $24,743,816.85
  • Total Wins and Promotional Play for Retail Place Bets: $4,297,889.18
  • Total Winnings and Promotional Play for Bets Placed Online: $34,965,718.59
  • Total winnings and promotional plays for bets placed retail and online: $39,263,607.77
  • Total Player Net Win for Retail Placed Bets: $1,872,683.44
  • Player’s Total Net Win for Bets Placed Online: $12,647,107.48
  • Player’s total net winnings for bets placed retail and online: $14,519,790.92

(*Note: As a reminder, any previously reported state share of sports betting revenues are not refunded to a provider when subsequent carry-overs occur. Any current negative carry-overs will be deducted from future reported revenues.)

The state receives a 10% cut in sports betting revenue.

The Kansas Lottery also shared some of the “coolest” bets made in all of Kansas regarding the NFL championship game.

A player bet $20 on the final score of the game – KC 38 – PHI 35 at +35000. This bet had a total payout of $7,020 (a profit of $7,000).

Another player placed a $12,000 in-game bet on KC and won by +330. This bet had a total payout of $51,600 (a profit of $39,600). Another bet made which included Isiah Pacheco, Travis Kelce and AJ Brown to score a touchdown, game over 50.5 and Chiefs +1.5. It was a $300 bet that paid out $6,536.

One player played the following with a $300 bet and won $30,000:

  • Houston Astros win the World Series
  • Georgia Bulldogs win NCAA Bowl championship
  • The KC Chiefs will win the Super Bowl

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