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3 married boss lessons from Kansas City bosses

New Jersey

By: Sway & OL Buckley/Richard L. Smith

The Kansas City Chiefs drafted Willie Lanier, the first black middle linebacker to play in the NFL, in 1967.

Today the Chiefs celebrate yet another victory, that of the Super Bowl Championship. As married entrepreneurs, it’s good practice to borrow lessons from seemingly unrelated areas because success always leaves clues. We usually don’t have to look too closely to find them.

So, here are the top 3 lessons married couples in business can glean from this Sunday’s Kansas City Super Bowl win and apply them now.

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  • Play to your strengths: It’s easy to tell that the fourth quarter defense qualified for the win. The truth is, each team member had a specific role to play in order to win, even in this journey as a married entrepreneur. Each spouse must be clear about specific wealth roles. Even if you’re both not in the business, together, you’re still building a legacy together. Clarify and implement your wealth roles. We can help. Just click on the image below.

  • It is better to have great coaching with medium skill than great skill with average coaching. It wasn’t just skill that gave the Chiefs the edge. At the end of the day, Philly was eliminated. As a married entrepreneur couple, if you don’t have a team of consultants to strategize and hold you accountable for your vision, you probably won’t win where it matters most. The right coaches will make your learning time plummet.

    We can help. Click the picture below to know how.

  • Make yourself comfortable when you are uncomfortable. Quarterback Patrick Mahomes led the team with a serious sprain injury, which worsened as the game continued. He was quoted as saying, “Nothing was going to keep me off this football field.” That level of performance demonstrated his leadership and his commitment to his teammates. As married entrepreneurs, we must come with the same energy to fulfill the vision God has placed in our hearts, knowing that there will be hardship as part of the journey. But focusing on the core thing/activities on a daily basis requires systems that hold you accountable. Get started here with our free Marriedpreneur OS Checklist: MarriedpreneurLife.com.

  • A successful married entrepreneur journey requires unique tools and systems that do the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to.

    It is possible to run a thriving business and have a phenomenal marriage when you have a clear vision and a high-level strategy for realizing that vision. I need help?

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    Applying these key lessons will not only strengthen the home front, but also our local communities—for us, that impact can spread throughout our resident state of New Jersey and beyond. It’s a win/win.

    NOTE: OL and Sway Buckley are the founders of Marriedpreneur Life, equipping faith-based married entrepreneur couples with world-class systems to effortlessly simplify and scale business. Listen to the Marriedpreneur Life podcast at MarriedpreneurLife.com.

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