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4 Settings You Should Change On Your Android Smartphone Right

Smartphones are launched every month. But now a great smartphone has been launched in KSA, which is Honor 9X. Do you want to know its price? Honor 9x Price in KSA in SAR 899. Well, if you are planning to buy it or if you already purchased it, don’t forget to change its settings. Because there are some settings which you should change on your Android Smartphone. 

When you buy a new Android Phone, you start setting it up to customize your experience. You first create your Google account, then download the apps, then login to the phone with mail id, set password and so on and so on. Compared to Apple Smartphones , Android devices provide more customization options. Despite the ease with which the majority of these features may be accessed and changed, Android Phones do have a number of security and performance flaws.

So, in this article, we will tell you 4 settings you should change on your Android Smartphone right. 

1. You should disable automatic application shortcut

Have you ever noticed that whenever you install an application from the Google Play Store on your Android phone, the system by default creates a shortcut for it on the home screen? Well, that is because there is an option in your phone that you have not disabled which is Automatic Application Shortcuts. If you don’t disable it, whatever application you install, the system will create a shortcut for it on your home screen. 

On your Android phone, not every application you download is essential enough to appear on the home screen, right? That is why; you should disable the Add Icon to Home Screen Option if you want to get rid of it. 

2. Limit the use of background data

When you use an application on your phone, it runs in the background and whenever you open it again, it is easily launched because it is already open in the background. Although it is good for you that your phone will work smoothly and applications will open faster, but it also doubles your mobile data consumption. 

If you use a single application or if it is open in background then data will not be consumed much but if you use 4-5 applications at a time and don’t close them in background then a lot of data will be consumed. So, it is necessary to limit the use of background data. You can access the usage of background data by going in the Background Data settings. 

3. Disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Scanning

Numerous Android Smartphone features silently drain battery life without your knowledge. Such functions include scanning through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Even when Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are turned off, these features still search for nearby Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth devices. 

So, it is very important for you to disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Scanning when not in need. If you don’t know how to turn off or disable it, follow these steps:-

  • Click Settings.
  • Now, go to location > Wi-Fi Scanning & Settings.
  • After that, go to Location > Bluetooth Scanning.
  • Once you reach there, disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth scanning. 

4. Enable Eye Comfort Shield

Nowadays no work can be done without a laptop. Most of our work is done on PC or laptop only. 8 hours per day is the average screen time. In the same way, we use our mobile continuously throughout the day, about 10 hours a day. And we are not aware that how much our eyes are affected. That is why the option of eye comfort shield has been given in the mobile. You should enable it as it will protect your eyes when you see your mobile phone especially in the night. It will consume extra battery as well. So, you should turn this option on. 


In today’s time mobile phone has become a necessity. Wherever we go, we forget to eat once in a while, but do not forget to carry our mobile phone. Well, it is needed as well because you stay connected with your family and friends and in case of emergency; mobile phone is the only thing which help us to get out of that problem. That is why, we stated these 4 settings above which we think you should know that why is it necessary for you to disable or enable these settings. So that if you’re outside somewhere, you don’t lose your battery fast. 

We hope this article will be helpful for you to know 4 settings which you should change on your Android Smartphone right.

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