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5 Documents to Have When Meeting Attorneys for Car Crashes

You’ve been in a car accident, and recovering from the shock and possible injury. Your car or the other car(s) may be totaled or facing costly repairs. The other party may be injured, as well.

It’s time to contact attorneys for car crashes in your area so that your side of this event is well-represented, and you can receive any financial compensation you are entitled to.

You can assist your attorney by making sure you have there 5 important sets of documents with you when you meet to formulate your case.

Medical and Financial Records

If you needed to see a doctor, go to the hospital, or receive therapy for your accident-related injuries, bring bills, and documentation of your diagnoses when you talk to your attorney. These prove that the date your pain started correlates to the day of the injury and that you needed treatment.

If you lost work or pay because of the accident, bring your W-2 and payroll stubs to indicate your financial losses. Also bring your car title, if the car was totaled, and any bills you incurred to get your car repaired.

Pictures and Info From Scene

Even though you may be hurt or upset at the accident scene, try to take photos and videos of the vehicles involved, and put a time stamp on them, if possible.

Also, remember to exchange names, contact details, addresses, drivers’ licenses/plates, and insurance information with the other driver(s). If there are witnesses present to your accident, get their contact information as well.

Police Report and Tickets

The police will file a report of your accident based on what they see there, and will make an initial ruling on who was at fault. They will also interview everyone present at the scene, and obtain statements from witnesses.

Bring a copy of this report to your attorney. To obtain it, you’ll need to provide the names of the parties involved, accident date, and location.

Bring a copy of any tickets you receive due to the accident. While receiving a ticket does not help your case, your attorney will try to argue that despite the citation, you weren’t responsible for the accident.

Insurance Information

A significant percentage of motorists don’t carry enough auto insurance. Your attorney will need to review your policy and the policy of the other drivers to see if either of you fall into this category.

Besides your auto policy, bring copies of your health insurance policies, so your attorney can determine how much you can claim for medical treatment.

Personal Account of the Accident

Before you look up “car accident law firms near me,” first write down your timeline and accident account as you remember it.

Although this account will not be used as proof of events, it will give you and your accident attorney a reference, and help you remember details that might be helpful to your case.

Finding the Right Attorneys For Car Crashes

Get recommendations from others who have been in car accidents, and do online searches for reviews of car accident attorneys in your area. If you are living somewhere in Texas, an Austin car wreck attorney would be the best one to contact. Look for well-known, experienced firms, and make sure you can communicate comfortably with them, so you have a true ally as your case progresses.

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