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5 Free PDFs of Spanish Guitar Songs Every Beginner Should Know

Spanish music boasts of great songs a lot of people love. With their fine rhythms and tunes — and romantic lyrics to boot — they make for a great guitar sheet music. 

And while there are a lot of free sheet music tabs for you to choose from, it’s always best to start with a few. So, if you’re looking for free PDFs of Spanish guitar songs, remember to select these tunes that every beginner should know: 

Romance Anonimo

This acoustic guitar tab is known to many as the “Spanish Romance” or the “Romance of the Guitar.” Although it is a famous classical guitar sheet music free lessons often feature, many people are clueless about who wrote this passionate acoustic song. 

While current information dictates that Narciso Yepes made it a cornerstone lesson of popular guitar music, he is not the composer. According to reports, this Parlour music notation tab — readily available for PDF download — was developed for the guitar in the mid to late 19th century. 

Given its ‘anonymous’ nature, this easy Spanish guitar sheet music has also been attributed to several greats, including pro guitarist Antonio Rubira, David del Castillo, and Fernando Sor, to name a few. 

As for its source location, this music may come from South America as well. 

Despite this confusion, one thing is for sure: beginners will find it easy to play the song tabs. As long as they download free PDFs of sheet music, they can mirror its closed three-part form. 

After all, this free sheet music lesson has the first symphony in a minor key, followed by a major key, and ending with a reinstatement of the first. 

Asturias, Patria Querida

“Asturias, Patria Querida” is a free sheet music written by Ignacio Piñeiro in Cuba. In his notation, he dedicated this guitar play to his father, who grew up in Asturias.

As noted in several music lessons, “Asturias, Patria Querida” initially involved playing another style of sheet music, such as the guitar tab of Upper Silesian miners. 

Today, “Asturias, Patria Querida” has guitar tabs that mirror a slower version of a Cantabrian solo. This sheet music was eventually declared the anthem of the autonomous district of Asturias after it won a music contest in the 1890s. 

More than just being a classical guitar sheet music of the Asturian community, it was also featured as one of the Spanish guitar songs in the Doors’ Spanish Caveman.

Although bagpipes often accompany the song, its chords make this Spanish guitar music excellent on its own. As such, it’s the right choice for those who want to learn an easy sheet music tab for the guitar. 

El Porompompero

While Manolo Escobar is known for his fingerstyle guitar version of “Y Viva Espana,” his masterpiece, “El Porompompero,” is considered one of the best examples of classical guitar sheet music. 

Released in 1962, it has become so famous that his Benidorm home was named after this guitar notation. 

With its easy-to-follow guitar tabs, “El Porompompero” is a must-learn for beginners and intermediate players looking to download free sheet music. 

Bésame Mucho

Although “Bésame Mucho” is a romantic Mexican guitar solo created by Consuelo Velazquez in 1940, it has become a great lesson for those who wish to learn Spanish guitar music. Because of its classical guitar tabs, it has become one of the most popular bolero-genre music. 

“Bésame Mucho” also holds the notation of being the most sung and recorded guitar audio tab in the country. It has also appeared in several video shows. 

To date, this Spanish fingerstyle guitar song has its chords featured in “Follow the Boys” and “Cowboy and the Senorita.” 

While it’s best played in its usual acoustic guitar tabs, “Bésame Mucho” has undergone several guitar edition changes through time. Thanks to Michael Bublé’s rendition, this piece has become one of the classical guitar songs that can be performed faster. 

La Isla Bonita 

“La Isla Bonita” (“The Beautiful Island”) is one of the classical guitar tab pieces that have placed Spanish guitar sheet music on the map. And while it’s best known as a flamenco melody sung by Madonna, its guitar tab was initially offered to the King of Pop Michael Jackson. 

Since its first play in the year 1987, it has changed chords through time. The popularity of “La Isla Bonita” cannot be denied as its style has been revived and reimagined by many musicians through time. 

Expectedly so, it has become a fun and quick choice for solo beginners. After all, they can download the free sheet music of “La Isla Bonita” rather easily. 

With such, they can play the lesson, which is written in a catchy C minor at a moderate tempo of 100 beats per minute. Since this Spanish guitar lesson comes with English lyrics, it’s easy to sing along with this, too!

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced musician, it’s best to use these five classical guitar songs when you play the tabs. Given the many free Spanish guitar songs available on the web, it’s not that hard to get and learn these Spanish guitar lessons.

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