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5 Tips to Prepare for Pregnancy

For many people, the road to parenthood takes work and perseverance and definitely isn’t a surprise positive pregnancy test. Whether you’ve got baby fever or aren’t quite ready but are ready to start preparing for pregnancy, you can do things to increase your chances when the timing is right. There are important steps every woman should take to not only boost her chances of becoming pregnant but to make every effort to have a healthy pregnancy. Keep reading on ways to prepare your body for pregnancy that can benefit you, whether it’s your first baby or fourth.

Healthy Habits 

Whether you’re TTC (trying to conceive) or not, healthy habits are beneficial, but even more so when your goal is a healthy pregnancy. Eating a healthy diet, maintaining regular physical exercise and getting enough sleep, staying in tune with your body, and keeping as healthy as possible is essential. If you have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, try supplements like melatonin and create a healthy bed routine with relaxing baths and chamomile tea. If you’re struggling with regular exercise, try different types until you find one you enjoy. The key to continuing exercise from yoga to high intensity is enjoying it.

Supplement Your Lifestyle 

Sometimes, even when we make all the right healthy choices, we still need to supply our healthy lifestyle. Several supplements are key when you’re preparing for pregnancy. Even when you’re not pregnant, prenatal gummies are a great addition for women. In addition to a well-rounded prenatal, Folic acid, Selenium, Vitamin D, and CoQ10 have all been shown to boost fertility and help women get pregnant. The basis, though, is a healthy prenatal.

Quit Dates 

Suppose you’re a regular smoker, vaper, recreational drinker, or anything else that may harm your chances of getting pregnant and, more importantly, your baby. In that case, it’s paramount that you set a quit date for yourself before TTC. Some women even opt to quit drinking caffeine, though obstetricians say around 200 mg is a safe level if you can’t wake up without your morning tea or coffee. While not every ill effect of your vices is as detrimental as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, it’s important to give your baby and you the healthiest start. If you’re struggling to quit by setting dates and sticking to them, talk to your GP or OB about methods that will help.

Budget for Baby 

Babies are expensive; everyone knows that! And even if you’re planning to be the most minimalist mother in the world, there will always be unexpected expenses and needs. It’s a good idea to stay ahead of the game and start budgeting and saving in a baby fund before you even get pregnant. While many couples delay getting pregnant until “the right time,” the truth is, there will never be the “perfect” time, but having some funds set aside is always wise. Remember, luck favors the prepared. Additionally, with the minimal amount of maternity leave and scarce paternity leave, you will be out of work for a long time and want to be sure you can maintain your standard of living after the baby arrives. 

Track Your Cycle 

Staying in tune with your body is one of the most critical steps to getting that desired positive pregnancy test. After you’ve gotten your body in the right place with healthy habits and kicking the unhealthy ones, start tracking your cycle, so you know when it’s the optimal time to try and conceive. Many apps available make tracking your cycle easy, so take advantage of those too. Some women become so in tune with their bodies they can feel themselves ovulate. Knowing your fertile window is essential while preparing for pregnancy. 

Of course, the list isn’t all-inclusive, but it’s a great starting point for anyone struggling with fertility issues or just trying to get as healthy as possible before adding an addition to their family. Other things that will benefit a healthy pregnancy are knowing your family’s health history, slowing down and relaxing, and ensuring your mental health is positive. If you struggle to get pregnant, there are many roads to parenthood, and you never know which direction life will take you. Stay positive, and here’s to your health!

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