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5 Ways To Achieve Optimum Time Management

Workplace time management is never optimized and most people want to learn to manage their time better. A recent salary.com study has revealed that 89 percent of employed individuals admit to wasting some amount of time at their job settings. Time management is becoming increasingly harder to implement with constant social media news, text messages, and smartphones practically designed to distract us. The 5 tips below can, however, help you establish better time management skills and increase productivity.

  1. Set deadlines for all of your tasks

Those successful at time management understand that it’s all about setting deadlines and reminders for basic tasks. For example, if you have a meeting coming up, set your alarm to go off 15 minutes before to give you enough prep time.

  1. Create your own daily itinerary

Checklists are at the root of every successful time management tactic. Make a list of the things you need to get done during the day and also allow yourself to tick off each accomplished task as you go along.

  1. Time the tasks that you need to finish

When you compile your daily itinerary, also make note of the time you think each task requires for completion. Follow the time schedule closely, and even if you don’t finish the job at hand during the projected time, come back to it later. Moving on to a different task can refresh your energy and allow you to commit yourself to the task again wholeheartedly.

  1. Turn off all distractions

Turn off the notifications on your phone as having them on will just make you keep checking them every few minutes. Instead, give yourself a quick email checking break every 30 minutes where you can access your phone notifications without fear of job interference.

  1. Create a regular workplace routine

Create a routine for your workplace that makes sense for your responsibilities using Tracktime24. Having a routine enables you to handle even a more chaotic day with ease by knowing how to proceed. Plus, you can avoid procrastination with a proper routine and keep your mental health levels in check.

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