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5 Ways to Become Instantly More Attractive

Have you ever wished you were more attractive? It may seem that your attraction level is based on genetic characteristics out of our control but that couldn’t be farther from the truth! There are a few things that you can work on that will make you instantly more attractive. We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 ways that with a little bit of work you can make yourself more attractive to others. 

1. Dress the Part

Dressing well can make you appear more attractive and the research backs it up! This is directly related to the fact that dressing the part makes you feel more confident, and as a result, it improves your posture, your performance and even how often you smile! To make sure you’re always putting your best fashion foot forward, just follow these tips: 

  • Always dress appropriately for the occasion
  • Don’t wear clothing that is worn out, torn or with stains
  • Make sure your clothing is properly fitted
  • Invest in a few quality staples rather than keeping a huge wardrobe

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2. Make Meaningful Eye Contact

If you’re hoping to build a new relationship or strengthen an older one, then you’ll need to work on your eye contact. Maintaining eye contact with someone is not only polite but it can actually strengthen your bond. In fact research has shown that making or maintaining eye contact with someone can even make us appear more attractive! 

Researchers have been studying the power of eye contact for decades and they’ve discovered some surprising results. We perceive people that make good eye contact as being more intelligent and conscientious than other people, and even more attractive. Just don’t keep eye contact for too long – if it borders on staring it can actually have the opposite effect and turn people away!

3. Make People Laugh

It’s time to drop the pick-up lines and learn some new jokes because humour is one of the most attractive features a person can have. When you make someone laugh you make them feel good and, as a result, they form a positive association with being around you. While the relationship between humour and attractiveness is quite complex, many studies have shown that the funnier a person is, the more attractive they become. This is especially true with women with research showing that women consistently rate humour as one of their top 3 desired traits. 

4. Stand up straight

For most of us, simply reading the word “posture” instantly makes us stand or sit up straight. But did you know that walking around with good posture actually makes you more attractive? In one study, researchers found that participants of a study consistently rated people with better posture as being more attractive than their slouchy counterparts. So stand up tall, keep your shoulders back and your head straight to instantly boost your attractiveness!

5. Smile more

It’s no secret that smiling makes a person appear more friendly and approachable but it can also make them more attractive. Researchers in Switzerland ran two tests and the results were the same each time: the stronger a person smiled, the higher they were ranked according to attractiveness. So if you want to boost your attractiveness, start showing off those pearly whites more often!    

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