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6 Creative Gift Ideas To Surprise Your Partner With

Giving gifts symbolizes appreciation and love. You’ve done that since you got into a relationship with your partner, but there are times that they don’t seem to be enough, especially if you see their eyes light up with excitement over something new. Most people would think of what the person needs before giving them presents. But surprising your loved one shows more creativity than getting an item they want.

If you are planning for a gift that will catch their eyes, here are some lovely ideas to start with:

1. A customized Playmat

If he is a gamer, this gift has the most practical use. Visit a toy store and pick out stuffed toys that resemble both of you—his favorite colors, his charming smile that always melts your heart. You can also include a note with powerful words that suit his personality or hobbies. If you want to mimic his favorite game, you can quickly get one at sites such as yourplaymat.com, customized gifts usually get the best reactions. You can also get an old mat from a puzzle game and stick the dolls to it, ensuring they are all facing him while playing video games on his PC or PlayStation 5.

2. A Personalized Keepsake Box

If your partner keeps all his mementos and treasures in one place, why not put those items on an elegant shelf he can proudly display? Instead of getting him a box where he can put his memories in, make one using what you know about him. You can buy a nice and sturdy old cigar box and decorate it with pictures of your adventures together or memorable quotes from books that speak of love. If you’re not the creative type, get an already made one with sentimental inscriptions such as “togetherness” or “love for eternity.”

3. A Customized T-Shirt

T-shirts are great gifts, especially if you have many funny ones. They can be used as pajamas, sleepwear, beachwear, or even a casual shirt to wear during the day. You can also develop a customized t-shirt for your partner by printing words and images that represent both of you. You can also buy shirts that are not branded and paint on them if you want to use old photos from dates together and print them on bright colored shirts – this will surely catch their eyes.

4. A Travel Map

How about getting your partner a map where he can trace the places you have traveled to together? If it’s his first time to see one, getting him a travel map will surely make him smile. It shows how much you value the memories you two have shared, and this is perfect if your partner loves history. Also, if your partner is the type of person who always dreams of traveling to different places, make him a map using recycled materials like magazines or newspapers. Cut out colorful images of the place he has always dreamt of visiting and paste them on an old cardboard box. Write “The Journey To Your Dreams” at the top for a bit of inspiration.

5. His Own Little Garden

If your partner loves taking walks after his day at work, you can give him something that will relax him even more by getting him a small potted garden that he can place in the balcony or yard. The next time you visit your home, prepare this surprise for him. Prepare the soil first by mixing compost, manure, and topsoil before filling up pots to ensure they are nutrient-rich for planting. Then plant seeds of flowers or herbs. You can also buy already sprouted plants if you don’t have enough time to tend to them yourself. Since he has been complaining about dry skin lately because of the weather, you can plant some aloe vera as well, so he will have a remedy for it.

6. A Book Of Memories

If he has his book of memories where he keeps little notes from friends and loved ones, why not give him a copy? You can ask your closest friends to contribute their touching words so you can compile them into a booklet. Add some images, too, for it will indeed look nice on his coffee table or bookshelf. The best part about this gift idea is that every time your partner reads the notes inside, he will remember his gratitude towards you.

These are some of the ideas you can consider when it comes to gifts for your partner. Make sure that your gift will only reflect the thoughts and feelings you have for them, which is why if you’re not creative enough, ask a friend or family member who may know what they like and create something unique. Gifting is an art that requires creativity and imagination. You can’t always expect your partner to be happy with the things they need, so sometimes, making them feel special with little gestures of love is already priceless.

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