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6 Exciting Careers in Design

Design is the process of taking artistic expression and utilizing it for a practical purpose. For instance, a painting is an example of art when hanging in a gallery, but if the same image is later used as part of a company logo, it becomes an example of graphic design.

From postcards to airplanes, everything that’s ever been arranged, assembled, or manufactured has been designed. With this in mind, it’s easy to see how careers in design offer individuals a chance to be creative and innovative without living the life of a “starving artist.” 

If becoming a designer sounds appealing, consider one of the following exciting career options:

Graphic Designer

The world of graphic design involves the arrangement of color, shape, image, and text for the sake of creating a specific visual product. Graphic designers traditionally worked in print media, but much of the work has shifted to digital platforms. With that said, the modern world of graphic design includes a mix of both print and digital media.

Product Designer

Whether it’s a child’s toy, kitchen appliance, or something digital like a mobile app, the everyday products we buy and use start off as design concepts. A product design professional specializes in brainstorming, planning, designing, and modeling products in accordance with client specifications and consumer expectations. They also take into account the ways in which existing products can be improved upon with certain tweaks and adjustments. 

Interior Designer

An empty room or open floor is little more than a man made cavern. It’s only until an interior designer comes in that an indoor space becomes something with atmosphere and purpose. From determining furniture placement to deciding which light fixtures are most appropriate, interior design encompasses everything with the look and feel of indoor space.

Set Designer

In many ways, set design is similar to interior design. The difference is you’re designing a space for the sake of storytelling rather than functional purpose. Whether it’s stage, television, or film, the way in which the set looks plays a tremendous role in establishing mood, setting the tone, and even ratcheting up the suspense. It’s important to note that most set designers work under a director who has the final say on the design. However, most directors are willing to consider what their set designers have to say when disagreements arise.

Fashion Designer

Every piece of clothing you’ve ever worn was designed by someone. While famous fashion designers get all the attention, the world of fashion design goes beyond name brands. The true fashion innovators are the designers working tirelessly in studio lofts to push the envelope on what it means to dress for success. Thanks to the rise of digital platforms for sharing and selling, it’s never been easier for up-and-coming fashion designers to carve a niche for themselves by opening online shops and conducting their entire business electronically – other than the clothes themselves, of course!

Floral Designer

Flowers come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. While a random assortment has a way of looking wildly pretty, most floral arrangements are meticulously designed for maximum effect. That’s where a floral designer enters the picture. Floral design is all about understanding how multiple flowers can be combined to generate a special arrangement. In some instances, floral design also includes the ability to create images from flowers, from smiley faces to sports team logos.

Whoever said you couldn’t earn a living as an artist never heard about design. From designing products to movie sets, there’s a wide array of options for aspiring designers to consider. Whichever design path you choose, remember to never lose your creative edge. It’s an essential part of the job.

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