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6 North Carolina officers on leave after killing a man with a taxi

This screenshot shows the Raleigh, NC arrest of Darryl Tyree Williams, who died after being repeatedly stun gunned on January 17, 2023.

Just days after Tire Nichols died from wounds inflicted by the Memphis police, a man named Darryl Tyree Williams also had a fatal encounter with cops in Raleigh, NC. According to CNN, six police officers have been placed on administrative leave after engaging Williams multiple times over her, leading to her death.

As we protested for answers in the Tire Nichols case, Williams’ family was struggling to understand what happened on January 17th. Reports say Williams was sitting in a parked car when officers JT Thomas and CD Robinson approached him and allegedly saw an open container and marijuana.

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Both Williams and his passenger were told to exit the vehicle for a body search; the two repeatedly asked why they were told to get out of the vehicle and the reason for the search. Robinson then threatened to handcuff Williams if he didn’t follow his instructions.

After the officer found a dollar bill folded over with a white powdery substance, he attempted to detain Williams and things escalated.

Read more about the CNN video:

Robinson then deployed his taser, which contacted Williams as he attempted to flee, as the other officers continued to yell at him to put his hands behind his back. After a physical struggle, Williams tried to escape the officers again but lost his balance and fell as he attempted to run across the parking lot.

At this point a taser was again deployed, which police say did not even contact Williams. An officer is heard yelling at Williams to “get on the fucking ground” as the officers appeared to put their body weight on top of him to keep the man from getting up.

Robinson and Thomas deployed two separate tasers in “drive stun mode” that both contacted Williams within about 50 seconds, police said. According to the memo, the taser deployed by Thomas made contact with Williams’ side while Robinson’s taser made contact with the left side of Williams’ back.

Williams appeared to be audibly and visibly distressed as officers kept yelling at him to stay down with his hands behind his back, the video shows. At this point, Williams is heard saying he has “heart trouble” as he begged the officers to stop.

The story continues

Throughout the rest of the video, Williams can be heard screaming in pain and writhing on the ground from the shocks of the Taser. The incident lasted a total of five minutes. Then, officers began to wonder if Williams was breathing and performed CPR when they couldn’t find a pulse.

Williams was pronounced dead an hour later.

We started the year with two major police-related homicides: Keenan Anderson who was charged with cardiac arrest by the LAPD, and Tire Nichols who was beaten and charged by the Memphis police. The Rev. Al Sharpton reminded us during Tire Nichols’s eulogy that there are many other blacks who die at the hands of the police whose names do not receive as much publicity. Justice cannot be reserved only for the names we see in the chronicles.

“Justice, not just for Darryl Tyree Williams, but for all victims of state-sanctioned violence across the nation,” said Dawn Blarove, executive director of Emancipate NC. “This is what her mother wants the world to know”

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