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7 AAA Marijuana Strains with Majestic Buds (# 6 is one of the Rarest Cannabis strains)

There are over 700 listed strains of cannabis in the world. Each one packs its punch with its unique flavors, aromas, colors, and looks. Unless you pay close attention to the details, you may not be able to identify one strain from another since many strains can be hard to differentiate. 

However, there are certain strains out there that do produce the most majestic-looking buds you’ll ever find. Incomparable and completely distinctive, the best buds have funky colors, chunky nugs, glittery trichomes, and more. 

Check out our list of the top triple-A buds you can get today! 

Top AAA Marijuana Strains with Majestic Buds

7. Purple Bubba Kush

First on our list is this thick Purple Bubba Kush nug. Purple Bubba Kush is a cross between purple kush and bubba kush. Having potent parents, the Purple Bubba Kush strain gives off impeccable yet manageable highs, making it a fan favorite over the years. 

This strain has landed 7th on our list for its thick voluminous buds completely frosted with trichomes and filled with mind-inducing THC. Looking at the flower itself, you’ll find yourself mesmerized with these tiny crystals covering every single surface. There are also various tiny orange hairs coming out of the bud, just like with its Bubba Kush parent. 

When you dissect the nug and take a look at the flower’s leaves you’ll find a rich purple color coating the entire flower, giving it a dark dense-sticky look. Overall, the combination of Purple Kush and Bubba Kush has given birth to one of the frostiest-looking purple nugs today. 

6. Black African Magic

Black African Magic is said to be the rarest strain in the world. This strain is found in the thick forests of the Congo and packs a whopping 29%  THC. It’s a pure Sativa strain that is potent enough to get you feeling euphoric, uplifted, and energetic for the rest of your day. 

Nugs from the Black African Magic cannabis plant have one of the darkest colors out of all the strains today. As its name suggests, the foliage of this strain has the color black running through it. What makes it quite distinct over other dark-colored strains is its elongated dark leaves that stick out the flower-like long dainty fingers. 

This flower can be planted both indoors and out. However, indoor cultivated Black African Magic plants may have a lighter color than those grown outdoors. Nevertheless, this strain will have you yearning to blaze especially when you see the dark foliage shining with its THC-rich trichomes. 

5. Cookie Wreck

Another strain you should keep an eye out for is Cookie Wreck. Bred from a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Trainwreck, Cookie Wreck brings smooth highs with fruity flavors and aromas you won’t ever get sick of. 

Cookie Wreck is one of those flowers that you’d have to pick out of your grinder because of its thick and sticky foliage. Though the flower itself doesn’t have as many crystal trichomes and hairy pistils as the other strains in this list, it still managed to land itself as our top 5 for its super dense nugs and unique visuals. 

If you try to break a Cookie Wreck nug apart with your hands, you’ll feel as if you’re picking apart leaves stuck together with glue. Even if you hold it far from your face you can see how packed these nugs are. Look at it up close and you’ll see these dark-orange pistils trying to stick out but are held back in by the stickiness of the nug. 

4. Blue Cheese

Not a fan of real Blue Cheese? Well, this flower may give the name Blue Cheese a new meaning for you. Blue Cheese was created by crossing the U.K. Cheese and Blueberry. It has a distinct creamy yet savory aroma that can fill your nostrils even at arm’s length. It’s a popular Indica strain that’s known for its relaxing properties that make it perfect for body pains, spasms, and stress.

Blue Cheese is arguably one of the lightest colored flowers out of all the cannabis strains today. The foliage in the flower comes in a light green color that’s made even brighter by the high-THC trichome that covers every inch of the bud. It’s also covered in these small orange hairs that spread out like fire between the leaves in the flower. 

3. Grape Ape

Another Indica strain that’s one for the books is Grape Ape. Its origin comes from a mix of other famous strains including Mendocino Purps, Afghani, and Skunk. This marijuana strain has gained popularity over heavy Indica users because it effectively soothes anxiety, stress, and pain. 

As the name suggests, Grape Ape comes with a sweet fruity aroma brought about by its deep dark purple leaves. What makes this bud worthy of being the top 3rd most majestic looking flower is its highly dense and compact buds. Unlike most marijuana strains, Grape Ape has more earthy colors like dark oranges, purples, browns, and emerald greens. The mix of colors along with its densely packed build makes it look like a true AAA strain that will get you as high as you want. 

2. Black Mamba

Another dark-hued strain lands on our top 3. Black Mamba or Black Mamba 6 is yet another heavy-hitting Indica strain that can get you long-lasting highs that can last half the day or longer. If you’re looking for a strain that has power behind its good looks, the Black Mamba will certainly not disappoint. 

Black Mamba was derived by crossing Black Domina and Granddaddy Purple. It boasts a sweet grape taste that’s somewhat similar to the flavor notes given off by Granddaddy Purple. Its flower produces earthy deep purple and dark green leaves that mesh well together into a compact and dense nug. Looking at its buds, you’ll see light brown hairs curled up around the dark-colored sticky leaves, a definite sight for sore eyes. 

  1. Huckleberry Soda

Last, but most certainly not the least is Huckleberry Soda. This AAA marijuana strain takes the cake when it comes to the most majestic-looking buds. Crossing Huckleberry Hound with Black Cherry Soda produces big dense nugs that will 100% catch your attention. 

Huckleberry Soda has a mix of earthy colors including light green accents, deep dark purple leaves, and bright orange hairy pistils that are wrapped around the bud. The striking combination of dark purple and bright orange makes this flower a truly spectacular strain to feast your eyes on. 

Before You Go

Well, there you have it, our complete list of the top 7 AAA marijuana strains with the most majestic buds! 

Of course, there are plenty of other strains out there that you may find awesome as well, and we’re sure that you have impeccable taste when it comes to these kinds of flowers too! But remember, don’t judge a strain by its flower, all strains of this ancient medicinal plant have their unique taste, aroma, look, and effect. A truly majestic bud is one that you will enjoy the most. 

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