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7 Scientifically Proven Ways To Study Better This Year

Studying is a part of college life, for better or worse. This is a skill that takes patience, practice, and trial-and-error. These tips will help you choose the right studying method for you. There are techniques that can help you get the most from your college classes, both the engaging and the less-engaging. To avoid emotional burnout students decide to buy custom papers to get the most out of college experience.

It is a great way to start the study process. These are some tips to help you get started in your studies.


Although tablets and other online learning media can be portable and convenient, research shows that traditional printed materials are still the best way to study. While some researchers believe that interactive habits such as clicking buttons and choosing where to move the pointer improve the academic experience, most students polled preferred a printed copy or hard copy when it comes time to study and school work. A psychology teacher found that students needed more repetition to master new material when they read on a screen rather than printed material.


Experts differ on whether listening to music or studying in silence is better. However, many experts agree that students can use music to engage their brains and help them make predictions and pay attention. Music can also improve moods and alter your outlook on studying.


In the areas of psychology, health, and fitness, the benefits of exercising on the brain are well-established. Research shows that even a brief workout can increase brainpower because our bodies pump oxygen and nutrients into the brain. Dr. Douglas B. McKeag says that a quick sweat can help you feel more awake, open, and ready to learn in an after work out study session.


Learning is affected by stress. UC Irvine scientists found that a stress period even as short as a few hours can affect corticotropin-releasing hormones that get in the way of the process of acquiring and remembering memories. If you have a high-stress level, taking study pauses or exercising will help to improve your studies.

Research suggests that even though you may think that late-night study sessions can be detrimental to academic success, they are actually a good idea. Psychologists even advise students to get out of their college routines, especially when they are studying for final exams or midterms.


Your brain can retain more new skills by studying at its most tired. It’s called sleep learning. Your brain may be receiving both the restoration and activation it needs while in slow-wave sleep because the memory-consolidation process is at its most effective. This means that even while you sleep, reviewing study materials can help your brain learn. Learn more about the best assignment opportunities.


The study method is named after Sebastian Leitner, a German scientist. It forces students to repeat the material they don’t know well. This system consists of relocating cards with correctly-answered questions down a row of boxes and returning wrongly answered cards to the first box. The cards in the first box get studied the most often. As the student moves down the line, the time between each card is greater, forcing her to review the information again and again.


Studies show that students retain more information if they expect to be taught it. This is understandable since teachers are responsible for not only learning the information but also organizing the key elements to make it clear to others. Research also shows that students are more interested in learning and will seek out ways to organize and recall information when they’re expected to be “teachers.” This is especially true for subjects such as science and reading comprehension. However, part of the magic lies in figuring out how to “teach” each subject individually.

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