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9 Trending Careers in Psychology

One of the most difficult decisions a person will make in life is choosing the right career. One must carefully balance several factors, including personal talents and skills, salary potential, and job security. Otherwise, a person might find herself in a personally satisfying job that doesn’t pay enough to live comfortably.

The best careers are not necessarily those which you can obtain easily or quickly; sometimes you must invest a lot of time and effort to become a well-qualified and respected professional, but the end result is always worth the trouble.

In this article we will discuss the nine most trending careers in psychology.

Forensic Psychologist

Forensic psychologists work with psychological problems within a legal and law enforcement environment. They perform analyses of the human mind to check, detect, and analyze criminals’ or suspects’ intentions. 

Forensic psychologists often specialize in analyzing witnesses. Their work is renowned in investigating criminal profiles, addressing children’s issues, preparing witnesses for testimony, and even providing training to law enforcement departments. They most commonly work in police stations, mental wards, prisons, and rehabilitation centers. 

Clinical Psychologist

Clinical psychologists provide treatment to patients suffering from various forms of mental illness and abnormal cognitive behavior. By interacting with, assessing, and diagnosing patients, these professionals address numerous mental illnesses and psychological issues that negatively influence a person’s happiness, productivity, or even safety. 

Clinical psychologists typically need to hold a doctoral degree in clinical psychology and practice under supervision for some time before finding work in hospitals, clinics, physicians’ offices, and their own private practices. These psychologists also usually need to be officially licensed by the state in which they practice. 

Industrial Psychologist

Industrial psychologists are required in big firms and organizations to help maintain successful levels of productivity. They work with employees by providing special training and treating issues which hold employees back from peak job site performance. This improvement is usually brought about through careful planning and strategy planning exercises.

Engineering Psychologist

Engineering psychologists design and make equipment and high-tech tools in such a way that they become user-friendly, with the goal of decreasing the productivity gap between machines and people. These professionals can be found wherever there is an extensive and varied use of technology on a jobsite. 

On a more behind the scenes level, engineering psychologists conduct studies which reveal facts about human behavior and humans’ capability to deal with technology. 

After obtaining a master’s or doctoral degree in psychology as well as psychologist licensure, they typically find employment in privately owned firms and marketing or management agencies.

Adolescent Psychologist

Adolescent psychologists study and treat abnormalities with teenagers’ emotional, intellectual, and behavioral performances. To ensure the children’s good health, these psychologists commonly focus on not only the patient’s mental health, but also their physical wellbeing, particularly in those patients suffering from mental and/or physical ailments which inhibit or even prevent normal personal and social growth. 

After obtaining at least a bachelor’s degree, adolescent psychologists typically work in settings like hospitals, children’s therapy centers, schools, and private clinics.

Cognitive Psychologist

Cognitive psychologists study different parts of the brain, including memory and thought. Although they use the same scientific approaches used in other branches of psychology, they conduct additional research not commonly performed in traditional psychoanalysis. One of their most common tasks is to address the relationship between the brain and language, which means they must understand and use a variety of speech therapy techniques to help their patients. 

With a bachelor’s degree in cognitive psychology, you could find work as a cognitive psychologist in various settings, including therapy centers, hospitals, clinics, government organizations, or research facilities.

Abnormal Psychologist

Abnormal psychologists observe, diagnose, and treat abnormal behavior and psychopathology issues in people. In addition, they also treat problems associated with mental disorders, obsession, depression, and sexual deviance. These professionals mostly work in rehabilitation centers, universities, clinics, hospitals, and residential care centers.=


Neuropsychologists specialize in the relationship between brain function and behavior. They not only test human thought patterns but also the ability to change a person’s thought process to react to certain stimuli. They most frequently work in treating and rehabilitating patients who have sustained a brain injury and lost certain abilities as a result.

Evolutionary Psychologist

Evolutionary psychology is the study of how human psychological traits and variables develop, change, and adapt over the course of time. Nothing is constant except change, and this is what the purpose of evolutionary psychologists is – to study the change that occurs in the psychology of human beings for the purpose of understanding and helping them.

The purpose of evolutionary psychology is to offer an understanding of human behavior and how it may change over the course of time. Many evolutionary psychologists feel that human behavior changes depending on environmental factors and variables. 

Evolutionary psychologists use their expertise in predicting and explaining human psychology and behavior that can benefit societies in the short or long run. If you have the interest and desire to use different branches of behavioral, biological, evolutionary and sciences to add value to the field of psychology, then you should become an evolutionary psychologist.

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