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A Guide to Great Family Holidays

Statistics show that more than 4 out of every 10 British parents have had to miss out on an important family holiday due to some pretty severe price hikes making such an excursion impossible. 

One of the most notable strains on family budgets in the UK has been the total of £5.6 Million that was charged to 90,000 English and Welsh families for taking their children out of school during term 9. this more than 4 times the price that was paid the previous year. 

Before this, teachers had the authority to grant as much as two weeks of leave to families in “special circumstances.” But all this changed in 2013 when the government imposed a severe penalty of £60 for any unauthorized absence. This price would rise to a full £120 if the penalty was not paid within 21 days.  

Research conducted by Holiday Travel Watch shows that the majority of parents (73%) feel that being charged this penalty for something as mundane as going on holiday with the family is wrong. The vast majority (92%) of parents feel that something needs to be done to change this policy.  

But if all families are obliged to make their holiday plans for October there is a different set of challenges to face. How can the budget-minded holiday-traveler protect themselves from the severe costs of traveling during peak season.  Take a look at last minute hotel breaks to grab yourself a bargain.

Frank Brehany, Consumer Director of Holiday Travel Watch, explained that recent years have brought with them a considerable degree of hardships for families looking to travel abroad for the holidays. The largest challenges are with logistics and security. But to help economically-minded individuals safe and financially-sound on this holiday season, here are a few important things to remember.  

  1.   Start the research for your destination early — what kind of family holiday and adventure did you have in mind. You should take the time to fully research the many different options available to you and your clan. Just remember that by the time October rolls around most resorts and vacation spots are already operating at a reduced capacity to meet the high demands of the time. No matter what you see or read in a brochure, if it will be part of your holiday travel plan, it is essential that you follow up that information with a phone call. 
  2.   If you are going all-inclusive, double check how “all-inclusive” it really is. A well-planned holiday will have a carefully planned budget that will ensure the most bang for every buck. Make sure that all promotions, offers and deals are on the up and up.  
  3. Before you finalize any online payments make sure that you have carefully reviewed the charges you are receiving. There could be additional charges or credit card charges included and some of these may be avoided. Make sure you are completely satisfied with the payments you will make and what you will receive before you make your payment.  
  4. Don’t forget to take out that travel insurance that will cover you in a variety of situations. The European Health Insurance Cards are a good thing to have if you will be travelling in Europe. And, don’t just look for the cheapest policy, in the event that you fall afoul of misfortune, you will want to be well-covered.  
  5.   Don’t buy your foreign currency at the airport. If you exchange currency at the Airport, you will be given the worst possible exchange rate. Make sure you fully understand what additional cost will be applied to using your credit card outside of your native country.

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