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Acho! Montana makes the top 10 for this old trick.

When I was a teenager in high school, math was my worst subject, but it didn’t take me long to realize that we had so many days that we could miss to being sick each semester. From my point of view, I saw them as vacation days and if you didn’t use them, you lost them.

Much to my parents’ chagrin, I would carefully plan my calendar to try and get as many 3-day weekends in as possible. I knew all the tricks. Warm up the thermometer, fake a cough or my favorite, claim there was a problem with my lower digestive tract.

Admittedly, I’m certainly not the only Montanan who has ever prostituted both work and school.

In fact, Montana ranks pretty high when it comes to people trying to concoct false reasons why they can’t get to work or class according to the new data. Especially when it comes to big events like big sporting events that the whole world watches.

Betway decided to look into Google’s search data to find out which states had the most residents searching for “ways to call in sick from work” and what they found was that Montana made it into the Top 10.

The Treasure State is #10 on the list but it’s not the only state in our area trying to come up with different excuses to jump out of work. Wyoming and both North and South Dakota also made the Top 10, with Wyoming in 4th and South Dakota and North Dakota in 7th and 9th.

So what’s the logic behind it? Why are so many people in our region trying to find ways out of work?

In the case of the day after a big game, I assume it could have something to do with consuming large amounts of alcohol. Or maybe it’s the fact that we celebrate winter 6 months of the year in all 4 states. Anyway, congratulations to my fellow avid gamers.

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