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After 10 years, the man accused of murdering 4-year-old KC is in custody

A man accused of the fatal shooting of a 4-year-old boy near northeast Kansas City about 10 years ago has now been arrested.

Martin Olmedo, 30, was charged in 2013 with second-degree murder, unlawful use of a weapon and armed felony after a boy was fatally injured in a shooting the year before. Olmedo was deported from Mexico and is currently in custody at the Jackson County Detention Center, according to Michael Mansur, a spokesman for the Jackson County Attorney’s Office.

Federal Bureau of Investigation officers in Kansas City, Texas and Mexico coordinated a plan to place Olmedo in custody after learning he had been deported from Mexico. He’s been in the Jackson County Detention Center all week.

His next Jackson County court appearance will be a bail hearing on Feb. 27.

Kansas City Police were called at 8:51 pm on December 15, 2012 to the 2400 block of Denver in response to a shooting and discovered four victims in a Chevrolet Lumina. One person was shot in the shoulder. A 4-year-old boy, Aydan Perea, was shot in the head, according to court documents.

Perea had been involved in another shooting the year before when four shots were fired at her family home. No one was injured in that crash, according to a 2012 report by The Star.

But the second time, Perea was transported to hospital with life-threatening injuries and died soon after.

Witnesses told police that a cream-colored two-door car was driven by the victims and started shooting at their vehicle. One of the victims indicated that she was feuding with some men who were members of the “East Side” gang, according to court documents.

An investigation linked Olmedo to the car and shell casings found at the scene. He told detectives he was in the cream colored car at the time of the shooting, but he would not say who else was in the vehicle or what role he played in the crash.

Other witnesses spoke to police about Olmedo’s involvement in the shooting, accusing the 30-year-old of confessing to killing the boy. They also alleged that Olmedo said she was one of many people to fire a weapon during the shooting.

A search warrant for Olmedo’s cell phone records showed he was at the site of the shooting at the time of the crime.

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