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APTech announces educational programming for 2023 and beyond

Organizational leadership driven by a lean, “get-down-to-business” approach to meet the needs of members and the recovering industry in the coming year.

Nashville, TN — The Association for PRINT Technologies (APTech) has shared its programming plans for 2023. Buoyed by the enthusiastic return to live events seen in 2022 and a recovering global economy, APTech is working on ways to bring the printing industry together for the benefit of member companies. The Association’s strategic investment in 2022 to acquire the print industry’s leading independent media organization, WhatTheyThink (WTT), added to the association’s ongoing efforts to help print businesses grow by providing an important platform for news , education, inspiration and connection.

Thayer Long, President of the Association for PRINT Technologies, said, “We are thrilled to see the industry recover from a huge recession. As companies get back on their feet in 2023, they must look for growth opportunities and solutions to their product and business needs.”

In 2023, the combined APTech organization will continue its strategic focus on the value, membership, and expansion of educational programming. All programs will take advantage of the WTT platform and audience through live and virtual events, educational programs, and additional content including newsletters, blogs, videos, and more. Plans are in place for 2023 for three event-based programs along with a webinar-based leadership series.

Peak Performance Series – March 21 – April 6, 2023 (Virtual) This new six-part educational leadership webinar series will debut March 21 and run through April 6. The series aims to enable organizations and individuals to build lives of vitality, purpose, resilience, commitment and success through six intentionally selected and curated focus areas designed to empower individuals and organizations to optimize their potential and perform at their very best. . For more details or to register, visit

Amplify Roadshow (Kansas City/September 2023) APTech is taking Amplify on the road to…Kansas City. This will be an ongoing program showcasing the impact, importance and opportunities around finishing, beautification and tactile marketing through a series of happy hour style evenings across the country. The program will debut in September and more details will be announced shortly.

LeadingPRINT Summit—June 14-15, 2023 (Chicago)APTech’s platform for progressive print executives will be expanded through regional summit events, a website makeover, an online version of the leading print publication, plus additional news on executive management and an “in-depth” monthly newsletter with more valuable executive-level management content.

The LeadingPRINT Summit will be a live event, starting with an evening launch reception and programming throughout the following day. The program will include an influential keynote speaker, sessions focused on leadership development, sponsor tables, a tour of a local print service provider’s facility, and a happy hour.

Software Conference — September 19-21, 2023 (Boulder) This all-new conference will be where industry techies get to tinker. Software is critical to every business today, and for printing, there are many different types of software in use and many more that organizations may use but often lack the resources to research and adopt. Our program will meet this need for print and marketing service providers.

The day-and-a-half multi-track program will open with a keynote and feature track-based content addressing a range of technology-focused topics, followed by an evening reception. Sessions will target business management and technology professionals respectively, while topics will focus on functional areas in printing companies, business management, process management, production and external interfaces.

Julie Shaffer, VP of Program Development at APTech, added, “We are excited to offer the industry a balanced and diverse portfolio of programs to engage their growth strategies and ongoing business management requirements at all levels of their organizations.” .

For more information about the program and valuable sponsorship opportunities, contact Adam Goldman at 312/940-7504 or email him at [email protected]

For more information about APTech, its members and 2023 plans, please call 1-615-656-7003 or email us at [email protected].

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