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Are Chiefs fans confident ahead of Sunday’s game? Yes. Nervous? Also yes.


KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Kansas City Chiefs fans on both sides of the state line are approaching Sunday’s game with nervous confidence.

Over the past year, Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals have inflicted three losses on the Chiefs. The level of trust in your city’s team depends on how you think you enjoy the game.

Casual viewers at Union Station Wednesday said they felt confident in the Chiefs’ ability this time around.

“We will win,” said David Rivera. “We have to take him home.”

A few steps away, posing for a photo in front of the Chiefs’ decor, Rachel Manakul started daydreaming about another Super Bowl.

“I’m a little scared because of the story,” she said. “However, I am confident in the Chiefs that they will find a way to win.”

At the bookie inside the Hollywood Casino, some punters have given up their allegiance to the Chiefs to bet on the favourite.

“I took Cincinnati over the Chiefs, which I hate to do because I love my Chiefs,” said Randy Baldwin.

Kansan is joined by others in the area cheering on the Chiefs as they put their money across the line.

“Cincinnati has been a thorn in Kansas City’s side,” said Robert Babb. “I’m more interested in getting my money back than getting back on it.”

The Chiefs were trading +1.0 on Wednesday afternoon, which means they are a home field underdog.

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