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Ashmore and Kansas elementary schools

Area students receiving academic honors include:

Ashmore Elementary School

All E’s: Kaitlynn Beurskens, Josie Brown, Jensen Browning, Easton Carter, Ayla Gallo, Aurora Galloway, Wren Grayling, Jaxston Hayes, Reed Hurt, Oliver Johnson, Stella King, Georgia Siefferman, Paeton Welch.

All E’s: Brady Babbs, Raiden Hunter.

High Honors with all A’s: Jackson Bartges, Jenna Cohoon, Remington Hayes, Renlee Norris, Vincent Taylor.

Great honors: Athena Cookson, Sophia Gordon, Kysen Howlett, Aria Sigler, Adylan Tanner.

High Honors with all A’s: John Pendergast-White, Piper Williams.

Great honors: Rogue Beabout, Fabiyan Carrasco, Harrison Hurt, Owen Pollard, Blain Traub.

Honors: Blake Acord, Kyden Armstrong-Smith, Raive Ballinger, Alison Beaman, Deon Johnson, Bella Kirkman, Katherine Marquez, Layne Newkirk, Hadley Stewart.

Big praise with all A’s: CielRapha Amartey, Serenity Armstrong-Smith, Caleb Biggs, Kylah Coffey, Collin Grissom, Elizabeth Morris, Kasen Schrock, Sofia Stephens, Lindyn Traub.

Great honors: Reagan Barnes, Anna King, Corbin Slaymaker, Anslee Stone, Landry Wiley.

Citizenship: Sloane Boedecker and Ronan Hunter.

Lexia Awards: Emily Inman, Makinley Evans, Waylon Shafer and Maximus Whalen.

Citizenship: Tayt Woltmann.

Perfect Participation: Daniel Gough, Jasper Hellman, Haley Post.

All A’s: Jase Brant, Daniel Gough, Jasper Hellman, Hunter Lewis, Harper Neal, Peyton Nichols, Haley Post, Tayt Woltman.

Shooting star: Tayt Woltmann.

Lexia: Jasper Hellman, Hunter Lewis, Harper Neal, Haley Post.

Citizenship: Kayden Lewis, Foryst Shafer.

Perfect Participation: Mason Fasnacht, Waylon Graham, Will Miller, Aaron Norton.

Fantastic A: Marlee Cottee, Caden Donnelly, Mason Fasnacht, Waylon Graham, Will Miller, Camden Nichols, Foryst Shafer, Johnny Thiel.

Shooting star: Aubrie Flynn, Brandon Inman, Haidyn LeLoup, Kayden Lewis, Aaron Norton.

Citizenship: Jett Miller.

Perfect Participation: Gwynn Boedecker, Tyler Hall, Oliver Hammond, Jett Miller.

Shooting star: Raylin Black, Gwynn Boedecker, Oliver Hammond, Erica Inman, Jett Miller, Riley Post, Shelby Shoot.

Citizenship: Corbin Hilderbrandt.

Perfect Participation: Xzavier Batson, Lacey McIntyre, Evan Prater, Raelynn Sexton.

Fantastic A: Ally Clore, Deacon Sutton.

honor roll: Danica Abernathy, Liam Bapp, Xzavier Batson, Rylan Brant, Ally Clore, Aidynn Haley, Corbin Hilderbrant, Cora Hughes, Lacey McIntyre, Raelynn Sexton, Brooklynn Stags, Deacon Sutton, Dylan Vice, Cooper Wright.

Citizenship: Kyson McClarey.

Perfect Participation: Jenna Gough, Nathan Gough.

Main Prize: Henry Tate, Kyson McClarey, Elsie Pickens, Jesse Reynolds.

Fifth grade math award: Nathan Gough, Kruz Lee, Kyson McClarey, Elsie Pickens.

honor roll: Jeanna Gough, Harper Boedecker, Nathan Gough, Kruz Lee, Henry Tate, Kyson McClarey, Elsie Pickens, Jesse Reynolds.

Citizenship: Izaia Batson, Aubree Shannon.

Perfect Participation: Axel Hammond, Ariel Huang, Maci Hutchcraft, Brian Inman, Jameson Jones.

Fantastic A: Abdisa Eskew, Ariel Huang, Carter Rhoads.

6th grade math award: Chennel McCollum, Abdisa Eskew, Qwintin Flynn, Ariel Huang, Carter Rhoads, Aubree Shannon.

Main Prize: Chennel McCollum, Abdisa Eskew, Qwintin Flynn, Maci Hutchcraft, Brian Inman, Carter Rhoads.

honor roll: Abdisa Eskew, Ariel Huang, Carter Rhoads, Axel Hammond, Chennel McCollum, Maci Hutchcraft, Izaiah Batson.

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