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ATM theft suspects charged after Cass County deputies used Grappler police bumper to end pursuit

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KCTV) – Cass County Sheriff says a Grappler Police bumper was used to stop a stolen truck that was part of a robbery and theft attempt to steal an ATM.

In just 90 seconds, surveillance video showed two men used a tool to work their way inside a business near I-49 in Archie, Missouri on Thursday morning. They took an ATM off the wall and dragged it onto the bed of a stolen truck.

The suspects refused to stop around 4 a.m., so Cass County Deputies used a Grappler Police Bumper to stop the stolen truck on northbound I-49 just south of J Highway.

The suspects escaped from the stopped truck but were later arrested walking near J Highway and 203rd. Detectives said the two men taken into custody wore the same clothes as the surveillance video suspects seen stealing the ATM.

Sean Dwayne Johnson III and Andre Maurice Fell are charged with burglary, larceny, resisting arrest and damage to property.

Sheriff Jeff Weber said Cass County began using the Grappler in 2019. They have installed the devices on about 15 vehicles in their fleet.

“It brings this research to a quick and easy fix,” Sheriff Weber said. “It keeps a lot of people safe, including officers. It’s not used every time, but where we have it in place and are able to implement it, it’s been very successful.”

Court records state Kansas City, Missouri, police are investigating the same suspects in connection with a string of ATM thefts and other burglaries in KC.

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