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AVCTL-I Weekly Winter Summary

Ark Valley Chisholm Trail I 2022-23 Women’s Basketball Standings

General AVCTL

WLWL team

Derby 10 2 0.833 5 0 1.000

Hutchinson 9 3 0.750 4 1 0.800

South corn 9 3 0.750 3 2 0.600

South Saline 5 7 0.417 2 2 0.500

Newtons 5 7 0.417 2 3 0.400

Corn 2 10 0.167 1 4 0.200

Campus 0 12 0.000 0 6 0.000

Tuesday 24 January 2023

Wellington 72, Campus 6

Thursday 26 January 2023

Olathe Northwest 48, Newton 22

Winfield 43, Campus 28

Emporia 56, Corn 27

Derby 61, Mission Shawnee East 43

South Corn 52, Mill Valley 20

Hutchinson 48. Shawnee North Mission 23

Friday 27 January 2023

Newton 39, Wichita Trinity 38

Blue Valley SW 43, Corn 26

Sailor 45, Derby 39

Wichita South 38, Hutchinson 37

Corn South 68, Wichita East 45

Saturday 28 January 2023

Newton 40, Garden City 30

Mais 47, SM east 41

Derby 50, Wichita Heights 33

South Corn 44, Gardner Edgerton 43

Rural Washburn 44, Hutchinson 28

2022-23 Ark Valley Chisholm Trail I Men’s Basketball Standings

General AVCTL

WLWL team

Hutchinson 12 0 1,000 5 0 1,000

South corn 10 2 0.833 4 1 0.800

Derby 8 4 0.667 3 2 0.600

Campus 3 9 0.250 3 3 0.500

Corn 4 7 0.364 2 3 0.400

Newtons 1 11 0.083 1 4 0.200

South Saline 1 11 0.083 0 5 0.000

Tuesday 24 January 2023

South Corn 63, Goddard 30

Hutchinson 55, Derby 50

Friday 27 January 2023

Eisenhower 71, Campus 60


Kansas Preparedness Weekly

While high schools in and around Salina changed their mid-season tournament strategy a couple of years ago and held mid-season men’s and women’s basketball tournaments in the same week, the entire state has not followed suit and last week saw the women’s tournament week take place and the Ark Valley Chisholm Trail League I had its fair share of attendees and successes as the Maize South women’s basketball team won the El Dorado Invitational while Hutchinson and Derby they placed third and fourth in their respective tournaments.

Here’s a look at what each of the AVCTL 1 teams have been up to over the past week:


The Colt boys’ basketball team played one game last week, but suffered a 71-60 loss to Eisenhower High School. The Lady Colts, meanwhile, competed in the Mulvane Tournament where they went 0-3 and finished in 8th place, losing 72-6 to Wellington, 43-28 to Winfield, and 52-26 to Wichita Collegiate in the final round.


The Panther Boys basketball team pitched an AVCTL I showdown against Hutchinson to open last week, losing 55-50 on Tuesday. The Lady Panthers, meanwhile, competed in the Emporia Invitational, where they finished in 3rd place with a 2-1 record. The Lady Panthers opened the tournament with a 61-43 win over Shawnee Mission East, but lost 45-39 to the Topeka Seaman in the semifinals before closing out the tournament with a 50-33 win over Wichita Heights in the championship game of consolation. … The Lady Panther wrestlers competed in the Andover Trojan tournament where they placed 2nd with 136.5 points while the Panther boys also competed in the Andover tournament and won the tag team title with 204.5 points.


The Salthawk boys’ basketball team notched an AVCTL I victory last Tuesday night when they defeated Derby 55-50 to take sole possession of first place in the AVCTL I standings. The Lady Salthawks, meanwhile, attended the Shawnee Heights Invitational last week and placed 4th with a 1-2 record. The Lady Salthawks opened the tournament with a 48-23 victory over Shawnee Mission North, but lost 38-37 to Wichiat South in the semifinals and lost 44-28 to Washburn Rural in the consolation championship game.


The Eagle boys’ basketball team had the week off as the Lady Eagles competed at Emporia Invitational and finished in 7th place with a 1-2 record. The Lady Eagles opened the tournament by losing 56-27 to Emporia, then lost 43-26 to Blue Valley Southwest in the second round before closing out the tournament with a 47-41 win over Shawnee Mission East in the final round. … The Eagles boys’ wrestling team competed in the Wichita South tournament where they finished in 4th place with 4 points.


The Mavericks men’s basketball team returned to the court Tuesday night and notched their 10th win of the year, beating Goddard 63-30. The Lady Mavericks, meanwhile, competed in the El Dorado Invitational and won the championship by defeating Mill Valley 52-20 in the opening round, outscoring Wichita East 68-45 in the semifinals, and eliminating Gardner-Edgerton 44-43 in the championship game. game. … The Mavericks wrestlers competed in the Junction City tournament on Saturday where they finished in 4th place with 205.5 points.


The Newton boys’ basketball team had the week off as the Lady Railroaders hosted their annual mid-season tournament and finished in 5th place with a 2-1 record. The Lady Railroaders opened the tournament by suffering a 48-22 loss to Olathe Northwest but bounced back to beat Wichiat Trinity 39-38 in the second round before closing out the tournament with a 40-30 win over Garden City on the final day . … Newton’s women’s wrestling team entered the Garden City tournament last week and finished in 13th place with 40.5 points.


The Salina South basketball teams had the week off after hosting the Salina Invitational tournament last week. … The Cougar and Lady Cougar wrestling teams competed in the Andover Tournament last week where the Cougar Boys finished in 8th place with 50 points while the Lady Cougars finished in 5th place with 64 points.

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