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AVID – Kansas City Public Schools

AVID – Advancement Via Individual Determination – fosters a safe and open culture, high expectations for teachers and students, and collaboration across all classrooms.

AVID is a school system that uses a framework that:

  • Promotes college and career readiness for all students
  • Promotes a safe, positive and inclusive classroom culture
  • Create student-centered and highly engaged classroom environments
  • It supports high expectations for teachers and students
  • Create a rigorous learning environment
  • Supports teachers in using research-based instructional best practices that overlay existing curriculum to enhance learning of any content

Avid students reflect and question as they master content rather than just repeating and memorizing. They work together to solve problems and are taught to articulate what they don’t understand and learn to seek out the resources they need. By teaching critical thinking, inquiry, and self-advocacy, AVID educators empower students to own their own learning.

All students must learn to learn. Note-taking, studying, and organizing homework are all skills that need to be taught and practiced to perfect, but aren’t explicitly taught in schools. AVID works and we can prove it. Find out how AVID can make a difference with your student!

Currently, KCPS offers AVID programs in three elementary schools, three middle schools, and four high schools. AVID is available in the following schools:

  • Faxon Elementary School
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary
  • African Focused College Preparatory Academy – Lower
  • Lincoln Middle School
  • Medium Central
  • Middle Northeast
  • Upper Northeast
  • Upper East
  • High Central
  • Upper southeast

To apply for acceptance into one of our programs, please complete this PDF form and send it to your school advisor.

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