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Barbara Jo (Hayden) King obituary

Barbara Jo (Hayden) King, 68, Topeka, passed away on Monday, February 20, 2023. In Barbara’s words in May 2022, “When I moved to Topeka I went to work at the Kansas Neurological Institute. 11 years after I married a man with children and wanting more, I became a domestic goddess. With Emerson in middle school I invested some inherited funds from my grandmother in technical training and worked in about 3 places as a floral designer. Last job was as a “Flower Lady at Topeka’s SAMS Club for about 11 years. Bill (Robert) came with two kids and we had another one. We built a house in Berm on 6 acres west of town, a lot less west than it used to be It’s quite energy efficient and paid off. Bill retired from Goodyear about 10 years ago and we’ve been lucky enough to take an RV trip to the US, Covid has put a strain on it, but if you’re never been to the Alienf east in Roswell, New Mexico is worth the trip once. I’m an Artist One of the many benefits of an empty nest is being able to take over a room and fill it with your toys. So I have fabric, paints and some power tools that I try to pass the time with every day. My father died about 7 years ago. Mom and I still make margaritas on Tuesdays. I’m the current president of the local Embroidery Guild. Which is like daycare for old ladies, but they have scissors. I have a small group of friends that has a core of 3 people. We met at an aerobics class at the local Y 34 years ago. We get together once a month to make and drink wine. This only captivates one of the daughters who can’t believe we still have things to talk about. I have tried to hold on to my Old Hippie values ​​by being politically aware and active, surrounding myself in bright colors, and reading or listening to books. Oh yes cats. We usually keep 2 indoor cats. Once I get started I tend to ramble, of course. I haven’t done anything extraordinary in the last 50 years. I’ve managed to survive two kids on cars, still have most of my internal organs, and don’t take any medications. It was mostly good, and I hope you were the same.” Barbara fashion, if you have anything she made, wear that or tie-dye t-shirt and jeans. Come casual. Instead of flowers, flowers Memorial contributions can be made to a charity of your choice in her name.To leave a message for Barbara’s Family, visit www.PenwellGabelTopeka.com.

Published online February 24, 2023

Published in Topeka Capital Journal

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