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BCBSKS foundation helps schools promote healthy lifestyles for their K-12 students with $200,000 in grants – Pratt Tribune


TOPEKA, Kansas (January 23, 2023) – Each year, the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas Foundation shares nearly $200,000 in Healthy Habits for Life grants to assist schools implement programs that promote healthy lifestyle choices for their students K-12. This year, 119 schools have received grants. These school programs must address at least one of four criteria: reducing cardiovascular risk, increasing physical activity, learning healthy eating habits, and strengthening positive mental health among students. nearly $2 million through more than 1,900 grants. School staff have used previous grant funds to educate students about healthy portions, start a daily walking program for students before or after school, invest in equipment for PE classes, and more.Layne Nash, physical education teacher at Farley Elementary School in Topeka, was recently awarded a Healthy Habits for Life Scholarship. Nash bought an obstacle course that will better support cardiovascular fitness and plans to host a family night so students can share it with family. Kansas empowers teachers like me to open up new opportunities for our students.” Nash said “Not all students have the same opportunities as each other outside of school, so I’m excited to implement a new unit in obstacle course style that students can explore and use.” my classes because it improves body control and can also increase balance, flexibility and muscle strength. My students will love challenging themselves by purchasing this equipment!” Chelsea Koenigsman, a physical education teacher at Northeast Magnet High School in Wichita, was also awarded a Healthy Habits for Life scholarship. Koenigsman purchased equipment that will allow students to explore different workouts safely and increase their physical activity. excited to spend the majority of the grant money on our weight room. We plan to purchase lighter weight equipment for our beginning athletes. With this equipment, we plan to have a new unit for our physical education class of ninth grade to learn the basics of weightlifting,” said Koenigssman. “With this equipment, we plan to have a new unit for our 9th grade PE class to learn the basics of weightlifting and hopefully arouse a little interest.” be purchased each year. Have the opportunity to apply for a grant such as Healthy Habits for Life, gives us the opportunity to make bigger purchases. This grant will provide an opportunity for our primarily freshman class to learn the basics of weightlifting. This will give students the freedom to have more weight choices that are appropriate for them,” she said.

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