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Biblical meaning of waking up at 3 am

Have you been constantly waking up at 3 am and wondering what secrets this marvel could hold? Well, you are not alone. I mean, “The Witching Hour” as it is popularly known dates thousands of years ago and has been the subject of several elucidations. If this has been happening to you, chances are; messages are being conveyed to you and it’s time to listen. So to say, it is a period when the physical you is closest to the spiritual realm and an opportune time to connect with your spiritual self. In other words, it is a moment of spiritual awakening where are you are being woken physically so that you can connect with your divine self. 

Moreover, most great visionary experiences in the bible seem to have occurred during the night. Most notably, Jesus arose from the dead before sunrise and when he died at 3 pm, the Bible notes that the earth was covered with darkness. In the Old Testament, David is said to have hung his harp next to his bed so that it could wake him up to write the Psalms. With no doubt, this shows a close correlation to waking up at 3 am.

Biblical Meaning Of Waking Up At 3 am: Spiritual Or Not?

Honestly speaking, there is no direct reference from the bible about waking up at 3 am. However, the phenomena can be found throughout the Bible hidden in esoteric meanings. To most people, it is a time of prayer and intercession or God speaking to you. The significance of number 3 in the Bible cannot be overestimated and that’s where this period comes in. take for instance the following biblical references to the number 3:

  • When Jesus died, it was at 3 pm but the bible notes that there was an eclipse. Inversely, that would be considered 3 am, a time or redemption or demonic activities.
  • After being crucified, Jesus hung on the cross from the 6th hour which can be interpreted as 2×3. And he remained on the cross until the 9th hour which is 3×3.
  • Moreover, the number 3 represents the holy trinity which includes the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. 
  • Additionally, Jesus spent 3 days in his tomb, while Jonah spent 3 nights and 3 days in the belly of a whale after refusing God’s command to go to Nineveh. 

Besides these explanations, there are several other “far-fetched” religious nuances regarding waking up at 3 am. For instance:

  • Since Jesus died at 3 PM and there was darkness, some Christians interpret 3 am as the darkest hour of the night when Satan is at work revealing his false victory. As a result, many people are of the thought that 3 am is the time when demons attack as wolves in packs. To them, it is a sign that negative energy is being directed towards them. And this provides an opportunity to pray to God for redemption and protection.

More than a Phenomenon

Though some people refer to 3 am as the “Witching Hour”, the most popular opinion is that this is the period when the “veil” between the physical and spiritual is at its thinnest. At this time, supernatural activities are at the highest and it is the idealist time to communicate and receive messages from the ethereal realm, or as others like to call it, “The Fourth Dimension”. In other words, there is a sign or message meant for you to see, hear, or imagine. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to every detail whenever you find yourself up at 3 am.

Get More Restful Slumber When the Spirit World Beckons

Though there are no bona fide interpretations of waking up at 3 am from the Bible, two things are evident. It could be God trying to speak to you indirectly or negative energies could be directed upon you. To establish the reason why you are always up at this time of the night, search your soul and mind and evaluate the events that follow afterward or before. If you think that it could be a demonic attack, this is an opportune time to get into prayer and call upon God to free you from the yokes and shackles of evil. Otherwise, if it feels like God has a message for you, it is a quiet and ideal time to listen to what he has to say.

To ensure that you receive clear and concise messages from the Holy Spirit, it’s time to start preparing yourself. During the day, center yourself and once darkness falls, be calm and composed. The calmer you are as you go to sleep, the fewer the thoughts that might interrupt your communication with the spiritual realm. By finding serenity and tranquility in sleep, the more room your brain will be able to create for the messages, and the easier it will be to digest and interpret what God needs you to know.

Precisely, pay keen attention to the symbols and synchronicity around your world. At this time of peace and serenity, chances are that you will get a message that has the potential to impact yourself or even a warning to avoid something. The signs and symbols you get come from the universe and they are meant to be a guide to you. If you pay keen attention to them, they are all significant and will reveal mysteries that you could have otherwise not gotten during other times of the day or night. Follow them, digest them, and try to figure out why God is sending those messages. 

Bottom Line

Throughout the scriptures, predawn hours feature significantly and this is where the “The Waking Up at 3 am” comes in. for instance, Jacob wrestled with an angel until daybreak. Peter was fast asleep when his chains broke and he escaped from prison, while Samuel heard God calling his name 4 times at night. In light of this, most, if not all of the heroes in the bible were called when it was dark. Perhaps, they knew something about the night that we don’t know. A clear indication that waking up at night is not something that we should fear but rather embrace.

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