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Board of County Commissioners meeting recap: February 23, 2023

MOU for the provision of crisis intervention assistance in several cities

Approved a memorandum of understanding between the Johnson County Board of Commissioners and the cities of Merriam, Mission, Roeland Park, Fairway, Westwood, Westwood Hills and Mission Woods to provide crisis intervention assistance services. Vote: Surpassed 5-2.

  • YES: Fast, Meyers, Allenbrand, Hanzlick, Kelly
  • NO: Ashcraft, O’Hara

Renewal of Special Use Concession for quarry, ancillary construction and landfill demolition operation

Application approved no. SU19-0008 by the City of Olathe for the renewal of a Special Use Permit (SUP), for a quarry and ancillary construction operation and demolition landfill for a 7 year period on 244 acres located at the corner southeast of 159th Street and Old 56 Highway in Olathe and located less than a mile from the New Century AirCenter. Vote: Surpassed 7-0.

Preliminary and final design for 31 single family lots in Mills Village

Applications approved no. PLT2022-00068 and PLT2022-0069 from the City of Overland Park for a preliminary and final lot for Mills Village with 31 single family lots on 11 acres located on the northeast and southeast corners of 167th Street and Quivira Road, Overland Park and located at less than a mile from Johnson County Executive Airport. Vote: Surpassed 7-0.

License Agreement with Lenexa for MED-ACT co-location

Authorized a council amended license agreement with the City of Lenexa to co-locate MED-ACT at Station 93 and to provide usable space for MED-ACT personnel, ambulances/response vehicles, equipment and supplies for a period 10-year term with a one-time payment to the City of Lenexa in the amount of $573,196 effective April 1, 2023; and authorized a use of reserves from the General Fund in the amount not to exceed $573,196. Vote: Surpassed 7-0.

Purchase of land for rights of way and easements for road project

Authorized the acquisition, with sentencing, of rights-of-way and easements necessary for the 183rd Street abutment safety and structural improvement project at Metcalf Avenue and Nall Avenue. Vote: Surpassed 6-1.

  • YES: O’Hara, Fast, Meyers, Allenbrand, Hanzlick, Kelly
  • NO: Ashcraft

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