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Bringing down Buffalo Bills signing free agent Zayne Anderson

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On Friday, the Buffalo Bills signed their first free agent of the offseason by agreeing to a two-year contract with safety Zayne Anderson. He was an undrafted free agent signed by the Kansas City Chiefs in 2021 and has been on their practice squad for the past two years.

Still, Anderson has appeared in seven regular season games in those two seasons with the Chiefs and in all three playoff games in 2021. He has primarily been a special teams player when active, as he has only six defensive snaps but 170 shots of special teams. .

Anderson also played in two games when the Buffalo Bills played the Kansas City Chiefs in the 2021 AFC Divisional Round and this season’s regular season matchup, so the front office and coaching staff got a chance to see him play in person this year.

What does this signing by the Buffalo Bills mean for the upcoming offseason?

While Zayne Anderson plays safety, it’s hard to imagine he’ll hold onto much of the coaching staff plans in that position next season. The team certainly has some questions there with Jordan Poyer and Jaquan Johnson set to become free agents and Damar Hamlin’s goal to be healthy and likely not factor into the team’s plans for 2023.

The reason this signing is notable is for his special teams play as the Buffalo Bills could make some changes to that portion of their roster. Jaquan Johnson, as well as Jake Kumerow, Tyler Matakevich and Taiwan Jones were all a big part of their special team last season and all four are free agents.

While the length of the contract can be deceiving at times, it’s also worth noting that the Buffalo Bills signed him to a two-year contract. This could indicate that they believe he will be a key part of their roster and someone they want to keep beyond this season.

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