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Browne: What’s the point?

On Valentine’s Day, NBC News interviewed a very busy “custom songwriter for hire” who shared that as she learned more about someone, she “found something to love in everyone.” I’m finding common threads in our city.

I dream of a future where Wichita Falls thrives. Falls Future 2.0 is underway — Google it and read the report. The future community where your children’s children will live.

Moreover:A troubling study sparks new plans for the future of Wichita Falls

Moreover:Wichita Falls Chamber on bond election: ‘We can be as big as we want to be’

Moreover:Power of ‘and’: Wichita Falls business plan enters implementation phase

“Science and technology revolutionize our lives, but memory, tradition and myth frame our response,” said Arthur M. Schlesinger, Special Assistant and “JFK Court Historian 1961-63.” Myths flow freely papering the information highway. However, without education, we do not understand our science and technology, nor learn our traditions.

Dozens of organizations across our county recognize the importance of a strong school education in preparation for successful postsecondary educational outcomes. Rotary Southwest of Wichita Falls awarded grants for education on Monday. The recipients are Fain Elementary, Booker T. Washington Elementary, Haynes Elementary, and CafĂ© con Leche’s Road to College Summer Program at MSU Texas. In total, the 2023 SW Rotary Grants help fund more than two dozen organizations by reaching thousands of area families.

Sometimes big dreams require big thinking and time for the best ideas to come true. According to the Internet, Wichita Falls has been called “The City That Faith Built” since 1921. People had “faith” in the city to build big and have big dreams, according to 1920s promotions.

What if we do nothing because we like our city the way it is? A vision follows as we move further online – I like the vision of Falls Future 2.0 much more.

I feel that Gen X leaders, like my sons and daughter, have trouble leading Gen Alpha born after 9/11 as part of today’s workforce. COVID has pushed many companies towards optimizing transactions to support profits. Now I find the shops overcrowded with people loading large carts for online orders.

Their productivity metrics force me to give in as they pass through the warehouse I’ve mistaken for a department store. And I’m not a person, just a transaction. I would live and order online.

I choose companies that help me build my community and treat each of us as interesting people with something to contribute to a better future for all. Relationships matter because we are people.

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Service above self,

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