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Catalytic converter thefts reported in Osage City


OSAGE CITY (KSNT) – A local police department reports that there have been several recent catalytic converter thefts and is warning residents to keep an eye out for potential thieves.

The Osage City Police Department posted on social media that three reports of catalytic converter thefts were received from Osage City residents. Police are asking local residents to report suspicious activity by calling 785-528-3131.

Fred Nech, the OCPD police chief, told 27 News that the burglaries had been reported in the past two days, but were believed to have occurred over a period dating back two weeks.

“Whoever is doing this is looking into these vehicles,” Nech said. “They know what they’re looking at.”

Nech said the thefts were not noticed immediately as the targeted vehicles are not used frequently.

“I think they’re choosing vehicles that sit and don’t move every single day and people wouldn’t even know their catalytic converter was stolen,” Nech said.

The thefts were reported from different parts of the city in places where surveillance video was unable to capture what happened, according to Nech. These three theft reports are the only ones reported so far this year.

The OCPD encourages residents to invest in a surveillance camera in their homes to catch burglars in the act or deter them as they will be on the lookout for a camera.

The City of Topeka recently passed a new ordinance cracking down on theft of catalytic converters modeled on a similar ordinance in the City of Wichita and made its first arrest under the ordinance last week. Merely owning a catalytic converter without the proper paperwork will get you a felony summons in Topeka.

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