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Caught by COVID but Chiefs win | Life in Ludlow

Ned Light

Ned Light

You may have predicted that I would sing for the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory on Sunday, and you wouldn’t be wrong.

However, the dominant feature of my life this past week was dealing with the constraints placed on my life as I navigated the storm of COVID isolation rules.

I showed up with a positive test last week and immediately contacted my doctor’s office and Jefferson Healthcare. My doctor provided a prescription for Paxlovid and as BJ tested negative she accepted the mission to go to QFC and collect it.

My battle with COVID has been quite one sided as I was fully vaccinated and boosted thus greatly improving the odds of a successful attack of the disease. However, due to my age and weight, I gave up some points in the game.

Almost full energy returned, my nose stopped running and my throat cleared of all the coughing.

As expected, Paxlovid generates an undesirable taste in the mouth that could be mistaken for chewing on an aluminum pan. Also, I spent more time in the bathroom than I would have liked.

However, during the five-day “lockdown” period I went from about 50% to 90%, a welcome upturn that facilitated a more enjoyable Super Bowl-watching afternoon.

BJ and I had planned and organized a small Super Bowl party that we had to cancel due to my need for isolation. Vic and Sharon Draper stepped up and had the party and since I’m right across the street the party goers could hear me cheering on every Chiefs hit comedy.

Also good news is that BJ and I didn’t have to fix up the guest house, although I did buy some good beer before I found out I have COVID!

BJ has taken solitary confinement as gospel. She moved into the guest room and we had our meals at opposite ends of the counter. A goodnight and good morning kiss turned into a punch. Even though she tested negative a few times, she stayed home unless her destination made it easier to separate from people.

I attended a CLM finance committee meeting via “Go to meeting”, canceled my physical therapy appointments for a week, stayed home from my Rotary meeting, etc.

Before testing positive, we had the interesting “Dessert and Discover” event at the Beach Club earlier last week and learned a lot about the Jefferson Land Trust from the Executive Director, Richard Tucker. I doubt I contracted the COVID from others at our table and I sure hope I haven’t passed it on.

So, now the world is back to normal. I’m getting back to work at the print shop with Mike Kenna, although I’m “masking” more than I could have done before.

The Chiefs narrowly beat the Eagles!

BJ is back in our bedroom. I get a kiss good morning and good night. The children have stopped worrying. Finally, I’m recovering from being “freaked out”.

I am optimistic that you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Given how close the day is to the Super Bowl, I am reminded of a story about former Houston Oilers coach Bum Phillips about why he takes his wife on all the trips. He replied, “Because she’s too ugly to kiss goodbye.”

For the record, they must have enjoyed at least one Valentine’s Day since having six kids.

I love a curmudgeon and have a nice week.

(Ned Luce is a retired IBM executive and Port Ludlow resident who carries a song in his heart and his water in a bucket. Contact Ned at [email protected].)

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