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Charged With A Felony? Here’s How To Protect Your Rights And Reputation

It’s ok to feel scared, angry, or confused after being charged with a felony. You might be feeling like you don’t know what to do next. The good thing is that you can take steps to protect your rights and reputation while dealing with the criminal justice system.

1. Know what you’re charged with

The first action would be to identify what you’re charged with. Many crimes can be charged as felonies or misdemeanors. Knowing what you’re accused of is the first step to protecting your rights and reputation. It’ll be easier to research possible defenses and create a legal strategy.

2. Get A Good Lawyer

You need to get a good lawyer now that you know what you’re charged with. Don’t think that just because your case is serious, or even if it isn’t, that you should automatically hire the first attorney who comes along and claims they can help with your criminal defense. You don’t want an attorney who will perform “adequate” work for your situation; instead, you need a legal pro who will fight for your rights and work tirelessly to get the best possible outcome in your case.

Many attorneys specialize in criminal law, such as DUI. If you want Oakland DUI Lawyers, you’ll want to find someone who has a proven track record of success with cases of such nature. You don’t want to take any chances with your freedom or reputation – be sure to research and find an attorney who is the best possible fit for you. You can check Chandler Criminal Defense Attorney for more information.

3. Collect Evidence

Although the police collect evidence for DUI cases, it’s crucial that you do as well. Get contact information of any witnesses, and take pictures of the scene if possible. If there were any physical injuries, be sure to get medical documentation. The more evidence you have with you, the better your chances of a favorable outcome.

If you are contacted by the police or even arrested, it’s essential to remain silent until you have an attorney. Things you say while with the authorities can and will be used against you in court. Remember, you are innocent until proven guilty.

4. Stay Out of Trouble

Say, for instance, you are charged with a DUI case. The best thing to do is avoid any situation that may incinerate your case. The police may be watching you, so do not drink and drive. Getting in trouble while you are on bail can cause your case to be dismissed, or you may end up in jail.

5. Understand the Consequences of a Felony Charge

The outcome of your court proceedings will depend on several factors, including the severity of the charge, your criminal history, and the facts of your case. A felony conviction can lead to significant consequences, including time in prison, fines, and a criminal record that could negatively impact your ability to get a job or housing.

6. Don’t Miss Court Hearings

When charged with a felony, it’s easy to become preoccupied with the “what ifs.” What if you have to go to prison? Will your reputation be ruined forever? But, you can do things now that will help prevent a conviction. One of your most essential tasks is going to court, so pay attention and follow these tips.

If it’s at all possible, avoid missing any appearances in court. Many people charged with felonies miss their hearings because they’re too busy thinking about other concerns, but this often causes them more problems than anything else as far as convictions go. 

In many cases, those who don’t show up for court end up having warrants issued for their arrest or aren’t aware of what impact not showing has on the case against them until it’s too late.

If you have to miss a hearing, contact the court as soon as possible and let them know why. The prosecutor and defense attorney will also be notified of your absence, so it’s essential to have a good explanation for why you weren’t there. If you can provide documentation such as a doctor’s note or plane ticket, that will help bolster your case.

Failing to appear in court is considered very serious by judges and prosecutors, so make sure you take any necessary steps to ensure that doesn’t happen.

Being charged with a felony is a scary matter. It affects your freedom and your credit score, employment opportunities, and more importantly, it can potentially ruin your life if convicted. However, until proven guilty, the tips shared in this blog post can help you protect your rights and reputation. By getting a good lawyer, maintaining good behavior, and being truthful to the authorities, you can increase your chances of a favorable outcome.

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