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Chiefs fans will pay more for Super Bowl LVII than in previous years

KANSAS CITY, Mo — Chiefs fans are making plans for the Super Bowl. While some people are deciding to stay home, others are calling travel agents and booking their Super Bowl plans, but it won’t be cheap.

Tickets for Less is selling nosebleed Super Bowl tickets for $5,700 per person starting Tuesday morning.

Flights to and from Kansas City for that weekend at major airlines offer round-trips ranging from $800 to $1200 for flights departing Friday and returning Monday.

Depending on where you want to stay, hotels average around $400 and up per night.

“Fortunately, Arizona has a lot of hotels, both high-end and mid-priced, down to some low-end hotels, so I don’t think finding a hotel room is going to be difficult,” said Mark Ebbitts, President of Shelton Travel Service . “Tickets are always available for any event you want to go to, only the price you want to pay matters.”

Ebbitts predicts that prices to attend the Super Bowl may drop during the week, but will rise again as Super Bowl Sunday approaches.

This will be the Chiefs’ third Super Bowl appearance in four years and eager fans to go can expect to pay more for this Super Bowl than for previous runs.

“Yeah, you’re going to pay more than Miami used to be, but again, that was four years ago and things escalated,” Ebbitts said. “These special events always come with a higher price tag.”

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