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Contemplating on Death: What to Do With the Body Once the Soul Leaves for Good?

Death will always be a part of life and that is something no one can run away from. There will come a time that the human body becomes lifeless and one of the first things you need to know about death is how to deal with the dead body. This article will discuss the different ways on what to do with a loved one’s body when they die.


After death, the relatives of the deceased will have an option on what they want to do with their loved one. One alternative that they can do is cremation and this method is done through using special equipment called “crematories” which burn the body until it turns into ashes. Cremation is an affordable yet respectful way of disposing of your loved one’s body after death. One of the best parts of this method is that you get to have your loved one near because the ashes are put in an urn. 

A memorial urn is simply any vessel that can hold cremation ashes from a loved one. A memorial urn can be kept anywhere you like, displayed, or placed out of sight. It is a good place to store the ashes of your loved ones until you are ready to spread them. Plus, as the folks at greenmeadowmemorials.com explain, there are many options to choose and you even have the option of designing and customizing an urn. This way, you can choose a design that reminds you of the deceased. Another way to remember your loved ones is by having photos near an urn to show how they were when they were still living. 


This is the most common way of disposing of a dead body. Through this method, the body will be buried inside the ground. This is considered to be one of the more respectful ways of dealing with the dead because, throughout history, families have always treated their dead loved ones this way. 

The burial process is often a long process, starting from when the family is contacted. The body will be taken to a morgue and an autopsy will be done in order for the forensic doctors to determine if they can release the body or not. Once this process is done, the next step would be embalming which prepares the dead for burial. 

The next step would be the funeral service which is usually done in a church or at home, followed by burial. During this time, mourners will gather to see the body of the deceased one last time and they are often asked to wear semi-formal clothing because it is considered inappropriate to wear t-shirts or shorts during this time. After the burial, it is common for family members to visit the gravesite or place flowers on it as a way of remembering their loved ones whenever they wish.

In some cultures, the dead are not buried right away after death and instead, they are placed in a coffin that will be kept somewhere until it can be entombed. This is common for some religious groups and some rich families as they choose to keep the dead for a period of time before burying them. 

Crypts and Mausoleums

A crypt or a mausoleum is an underground room that stores the dead. Crypts and mausoleums are quite similar but they differ in one aspect. With crypts, it is just a single room that only houses the casket with the dead and it is covered with earth, while in a mausoleum, the dead are stored in walls that have multiple compartments just like a tomb. Both these facilities allow families to preserve their loved ones and ensure that they will remain with them even after death.


This method is not very common but it is growing in numbers as time goes by. It is considered to be an affordable way of having a body preserved through the use of liquid nitrogen. The body will be kept in a special container that prevents it from decaying. 

This method is chosen by most people because they want to have the chance of bringing the deceased back to life once medical science advances enough to do so. This can be done by using cloning methods that are already being used but only on embryos. Right now, there is no technology that can be used to bring back a person.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to these options of disposing of your loved one’s body. It simply depends on one’s preference and what is affordable to them. This will also depend on your religious beliefs.


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